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ALBABAT .abbt ransomware


Hello, I am one of your users worldwide. It was a few days ago that my PC system was infected with ransomware even though I am using Bitdefender Total Security.

Anyway, now my system is cleaned, but my files remain encrypted. You were always with your users in such cases, but now you are silent. Not a post, not an article, not a blog... As one of your users who have had a good experience with you over the years, I expect you to act like the previous cases and create decryption files for them and save your users. Please go ahead and provide a file decryption extension for ALBABAT or .abbt, will you do this? Or do you forget us?

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @agent47,

    This can only be investigated by the Bitdefender engineers together with the anti-malware teams.

    While antivirus companies including Bitdefender sometimes release decryption tools to help users recover their files from certain types of ransomware attacks, there are some limitations in these endeavours. Some encryption methods are more complex and sophisticated, making it challenging to create decryption tools that can tackle them all. With ransomware on the rise and continually evolving, new variants with different encryption techniques and keys are regularly released. The cybersecurity vendor may not always have the resources or time to create decryption tools for every new ransomware strain that shows up overnight. Developing a decryption tool requires significant resources, including time, expertise, and testing, to name a few.

    Last but not least, they may not be able to create a decryption tool that works for all victims. This could be due to variations in the ransomware's behavior or the uniqueness of encryption keys. Of course, cybersecurity researchers and other organizations may work together to develop and release decryption tools when feasible and justifiable, but again, this doesn't mean that all scenarios are covered and there are no guarantees that you can recover your data.

    In the event the files were encrypted while Bitdefender was installed on the device, the circumstances in which this happened must be analyzed thoroughly, to find out exactly how this was possible, if Bitdefender's security modules were fully operational, establish the timeline of attack and identify possible ways of moving forward and attempt to recover the encrypted data. As you can imagine, this may take some time, but the first step would be to get in touch with Bitdefender Support and provide them with further information. We won't be able to provide a decryption tool for this on the forum.



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  • Flexx
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    Good to know that your issue has been resolved.

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