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I have installed Bit Defender premium, not sure if it is Plus, I've had it for a few years, Now which I find is the best of the other ones I have had in the past,

Then something happened and it is now rectified,

I have inquired about this

Is my computer protected?

Is my email protected?

Because I do not understand why my email had a data breach.

In BitDefencer Central how do I clear it saying Email Data Breach? or will it always be there?

Thank you in advance,


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    If Bitdefender is indicating a data breach, it may be due to your email being associated with a company that has experienced a data breach. The recommended action is to change your password for added security.

    To precisely identify where your data was breached and the company associated with your email, kindly use the link provided below


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  • Hello @DebbieH,

    In addition to the comment above, here's everything you need to know about data breaches and how to protect yourself in this scenario:


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    Hello, Alexandru_BR,

    OK,, Yes, I have read and will go over it more thoroughly, this is amazing information, I now can see I have opened my computer doors for all this, I do go online, mostly to Knitting and Crocheting sites, Doctors appointments medical history update Vaccine shots ect grocery stores order online, LOL I have done it all, but No longer copy and paste, which I like it's a nice short cut. I suppose I have been expecting BitDefender to completely notify me about if an intruder has breached my system, I thought I would see some kind of notification but I did not on desk top,

    Thank you,