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Protection de l'ordinateur ou de l'utilisateur...


Nous sommes en janvier 2024. BitDefender n'a toujours pas réalisé que ses produits protègent les ordianteurs et pas du tout les utiisateurs. L'affichage indique toujours : "Vous êtes protégé". Un non-sens qui démontre que la société infantilise ouvertement les utilisateurs en tentant de leur faire croire qu'ils sont des ******. J'avais déjà interpelé BitDefender pour demander de corriger cette erreur par : "Votre ordinateur est protégé" mais aucun progrès dans ce sens n'a été réalisé. On peut se demander si cette société écoute ses clients, ce qui n'est apparemment pas le cas.

It's January 2024. BitDefender still hasn't realized that its products protect computers and not users at all. The display always says: “You are protected”. Nonsense which demonstrates that society openly infantilizes users by trying to make them believe that they are ******. I had already contacted BitDefender to ask to correct this error by; "Your computer is protected" but no progress in this direction has been made. One might wonder if this company listens to its customers, which is apparently not the case.


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    First of all, using offensive words on Bitdefender community form is restricted. Doing so will straight away lead to banning of your account on the community forum.

    "You are protected" has been in place for many years, and the chances of it being change are negligible. While your feedback is appreciated, ultimately it's up to the developers to decide what they feel is best. Even support team will also not be able to do anything on this.

    Also, to add here, changes in the product will only occur if many people report the same issue. And currently, till date, we have not seen even a single customer reporting the issue that requires no change at all.

    @Alexandru_BD works for bitdefender and he might provide you with more information related to this.


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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Billou,

    I think the choice of the wording "You are protected" is meant to create a more personal and user-centric message.

    "You are protected," directly address the user, and gives a sense of security and assurance. It actually personalizes the experience, emphasizing the protection of the individual rather than just the device. This approach is most likely designed to establish a connection with the user and convey the idea that Bitdefender's security measures are actively safeguarding the user and their data.

    In contrast, "Your device is protected" might be seen as more technical or impersonal. By focusing on the user directly, Bitdefender intends to build trust and emphasize the human aspect of their security solutions.

    I think it's unlikely for this sentence to be modified. Personally, I see nothing wrong with this choice of wording.



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