I am so over Bitdefender. I've been using Bitdefender for years, but the last few updates are forcing me to look elsewhere for a better defense software. Following the last two updates, logging into Windows brings up a black screen - FOR THREE WHOLE MINUTES!

The first time I experienced the black screen, I forced-shutdown my computer, only to run into a world of trouble trying to recover from a previous backup. My recovery software kept telling me there were errors and it couldn't lock/unlock some partitions. I was forced to run diagnostics, including SFC and DISM to fix the issues. This took several hours of rinse & repeat until I was able to, once again, recover from a backup archive. Then, upon updating Bitdefender, it happened all over again! And, last time, Bitdefender deployed a second product update within hours of the first one, so you can imagine my frustration and aggravation over this. I was ready to throw my entire computer out the window. But why throw out the baby with the bath water; the polluted bath water being none other than Bitdefender?

Not to mention that Bitdefender product updates essentially uninstall and reinstall Bitdefender, shutting down all defenses, without warning, while I am in the middle of surfing the internet, leaving my system completely vulnerable for, at least, 3-5 minutes.

I worked out my own system to deal with Bitdefender updates, but this new development is beyond me, and it is just not worth all the trouble I've seen people going through to fix Bitdefender.

Someone, please point out a BETTER defense software than Bitdefender.

Bitdefender, you're losing another loyal customer. In fact, my renewal comes up in a few months. Needless to say, I will NOT be renewing my subscription.


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    @BitterDefender ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. I am sorry that you are experiencing difficulties that you attribute to Bitdefender. In answer to your question, I do not know of a better product.

    If you would care to give us some more information about your computer( make, model, specs) and which OS you are running, we might be able to help. You may be aware that MS recently issued a buggy update for Windows 10.

    Depending upon the settings, Windows could have updated itself, causing the issue you describe, not Bitdefender. With 500 million users, I suggest that these Forums would be flooded with complaints if two BD updates caused issues.

    I did find this post that seems similar to yours.

    That said, there could be particular and unique configuration issues with your computer . . . That suggestion seems to have some merit because you report having to run SFC and DISM . . . The buggy Windows update for Windows 10 might be responsible, if that is the OS you are running . . .

    Rather than leave behind a great security product, would it not be wiser to contact BD Support?

    Chat is the fastest way to reach them. Email support is also available. Telephone support is not toll-free.

    I do not work for Bitdefender. I am just a regular participant on their Forums. My experience has been that Bitdefender is very responsive to customer complaints.

    Respectfully submitted for your consideration. Have a great day.



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  • I'll just jump in here to say that the protection is still active during the updates.

    Some modules are turned off for a very short time while the patch is being applied. Bitdefender has many systems that back up each other and provide protection. By design, the developers would not make an update system that would leave customers vulnerable in any way. Reinstall to update? There has to be a misunderstanding here. The only thing that needs to be done so Bitdefender can update properly is to restart the device. This happens because in newer versions of Windows, shut down or sleep is no longer equal to restart, due to performance considerations of the operating system. So unless the user explicitly restarts the system, he would no longer be able to replace the update files as he used to do before.

    Regarding the black screen, I can't pronounce myself. But the Support engineers can surely help.



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    Hi Bitter Defender,

    I'm the poster of the original post "Update of BD broke my Win11” My problem was exactly the same 3 min Black screen and a total boot time of 5 mins. I thought I’d fixed it but unfortunately it came back just a couple of days later. I tried everything and Support worked with me for a while but it’s definitely something since the update. In the end I’ve had to remove it... I'm now using another product.