Newest version of Bitdefender Total Security (Build and sleep mode on Windows 11

I have discussed the inability of the newest version of Bitdefender Total Security (Build to work with Windows 11 sleep mode, with Bitdefender support. It appears that it lacks the ability to:

1) Prevent the computer from sleeping while running a scan which suspends the scan

2) Wake the computer to perform a scan which results in a missed scan

3) Run a missed scan after the computer wakes

All of these issues have to do with the Power Management function of Windows 11. Their stance on it is most definitely that it is the user's responsibility to set the power management settings such that their product will run correctly, rather than adding this functionality to the product. Also, they believe if a scheduled scan is missed it's the user's responsibility to kick off a manual scan to take the missed scan's place.

All of these issues point to a programming problem. Apparently they don't have in their employ people with the necessary skills to fix these problems. This has been a problem that dates back to at least 2009(judging from the results of my query of the Bitdefender Expert Community concerning these problems); one would think that they should have resolved the issue by now. It is tantamount to the Microsoft "Microsoft account problem" problem(which is nothing more than a marketing ploy to get you to buy Microsoft products).

I am currently evaluating this product on a 30 day trial.

What is your opinion?

Thanks for letting me vent.