Website is suddenly blocked - Troubleshooting

edited February 20 in Enterprise Security

Hello Bitdefender Community,

i am new to this place because i am looking for a solution. I do host a few website-projects and recently i´ve made the discovery that one of these websites isn´t available for business customers because they are denied the access throught the bitdefender endpoint security.

Right now the error page (as i received from a visitor, gladly) is showing that the page is being blocked because there was a phishing error which had been somewhen detected. Because if that the Website is being blocked for visit through these business users.

Now is the place where i am asking you guys for help. Is it possible to somehow review why the page is being blocked through the bitdefender service? The bespoken website is running on a simple wordpress, hosted on a Microsoft Azure Server. The Plugins itself are updated regularly and there is only a small list of featured ones...we do not even use cookies on the page.

Maybe you guys can help me, i am thankful for any response. Greetings from Germany.