Why the conflict: Endpoint Security vs Total Security?

I am a freelancer and purchased a laptop from my IT service provider client because my laptop is now ancient and bits are falling off.

The client installed BD Endpoint Security to protect their network.

I went to install BD VPN and Total Security.

VPN installs and runs, no problem.

Total Security insists that I first uninstall Endpoint Security (and any other security product I guess).

Why this conflict between two BD products?

Which is more important for MY protection?

Thank you all.

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    Hello @DannyC2 and welcome to the community!

    Since you have mentioned that you are a freelancer and not affiliated with a certain company, I assume that Endpoint Security was previously installed by the respective IT provider to protect the device for the time it belonged to them. Therefore, I think it's safe to uninstall it in order to migrate to a home user solution instead, which you can easily manage using the dedicated Central account and the Total Security antivirus UI. The business solutions involve a different security management console and are tailored for enterprise use.

    There will be a conflict between the two. I also have Bitdefender Endpoint Security Solutions installed, so I cannot have Total Security installed on the same device. Having multiple antivirus programs running at the same time may degrade performance and even prevent proper malware detection, along with other compatibility issues. For more context on this, you can read the following article:

    I hope the information is helpful.



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    Regarding which product is best, you can compare the products and check from the below stated link. Since the comparison link is different for home product types and for enterprise products, you can manually compare their features. There is no comparison link between enterprise and home user products since they belong to different types—one product is for home users and the other is for enterprise users.

    Compare home products: https://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/antivirus.html (scroll down to the bottom of the page to check for comparison)

    Compare enterprise products: https://www.bitdefender.com/business/compare.html (you can check on the basis of different requirements: Small Business, Medium-to-large Business, Managed Service Providers. Each of these types has different subtypes of products for comparison)

    Now, as previously said, you will have to manually check to compare between home and enterprise products, and in my opinion, it will be really hard to compare both. If you are looking for enterprise or business use, go for the enterprise product. If you are looking for personal use, go for the home product.

    I am also providing you with the link from where you can download the Bitdefender uninstaller for any Bitdefender app that you do not want to keep. The link stated below will provide you options for both home and enterprise users



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