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Thank you for your understanding. Not able to track packages or sign in on multiple browsers


About 3 days ago stopped functioning on my Windows 11 system. Specifically, I can access the site but when I try to track a package I consistently get an unable to track, try later message. When I try to log into my account I consistently get an unable to communicate message.

All other sites work with no issues. I use Brave Browser, but also tried Chrome and Edge with exactly the same problems. Clearing cache, cookies, turning off all Brave privacy and reinstallng Brave did not help. My other computers (Chromebooks and Windows without Bitdefender) work fine.

Uninstalling Bitdefender Total Security solved the issue. Reinstaling, the problem came back. I have not seen this mentioned here earlier...but I cannot use Bitdefender if it is the reason Fedex cannot track. Any ideas?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @ggroch and welcome back to the community.

    If the website works properly with Bitdefender uninstalled, the first step would be to determine what security module is interfeering with the manner in which that particular page is being displayed. To find out, you can temporarily disable the Bitdefender security modules one by one and try to access the website to see how it behaves. You can find detailed steps on how to do this here:

    Depending on the culprit module (pay close attention to how the page is displayed when turning OFF the Online Threat Prevention and Advanced Threat Defense modules), further steps can be taken to correct this, such as adding exceptions in Bitdefender. Here you can find guidelines for adding exceptions, if necessary:

    Also, are you using the Anti-Tracker browser extension, by any chance, or the VPN with Anti-Tracker enabled?

    This could also be the cause.

    Let us know how it goes.



    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user