How to disable firewall on one of interfaces keeping other secured?


I wanted to know if there is a possibility to disable firewall on single interface? My usecase is following:

I do have local storage server connected to my workstation with Infiniband interface (4x10GB) fiber. Storage server is share based on Gentoo and Samba. This computer does not have internet connection.

My workstation has infinband (direct fiber to storage server) and second gigabit interface that connects to internet for usual workloads.

I would like to keep firewall enabled on Internet Ethernet gigabit connection, but disable it on Infiniband to storage server. Unfortunately I was not able to find it and somehow Samba is not able to connect to Windows 11 when BD firewall is enabled, or establishing connection is dramatically slow. Logs of samba are empty and no errors are thrown.

Pings passes thru without issues via Infiniband connection, iperf also shows correct speeds between workstation and storage. No packets drops. Looks like firewall.

Is there a possibility to do that technically with BitDefender or I need to disable firewall completely? I did not found also interface related configuration in exception rules in BitDefender.

Thank you Community for all the help!


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @MattMierzwinski,

    It's possible. From Bitdefender Firewall settings, go to Default application behavior and set the desired adapter to "Allow".



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