USB Immunizer Needs a Third Option

I use USB thumb drives about once a week for rotating off-site backups of critical files.

This message ALWAYS pops up, and given the one-way nature of the backups, it less than useless. Rather, it's just annoying.

Where's the "Dismiss and never show again" option?


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    Hello @IT_Writer,

    This notification appears if 'Scan flash drives' is set to 'Ask every time", and the stick is not immunized.

    First, go to Settings -> General and disable 'Recommendation notifications', as shown in the below screenshot:

    Then, depending on your preferences, you can set the 'Scan flash drives' option to Autoscan, disable it or set it to ask every time. To do this go to Protection -> Antivirus -> Settings:

    I hope this helps.



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  • Unfortunately, the operating system usually doesn't offer a "Dismiss and never show again" option for USB drive warnings.