Total Security

MiniBB Bitdefender initial full system scan over 12 hours

I subscribe to Total Defender covering my android mobile and desktop computer.

I ran a vulnerability scan which resulted in BD reporting two "critical updates" were found. I clicked on the appropriate area but the "working" circle kept turning without updating these two updates.

Following this I went to Windows Updates however, while it showed there were two updates requiring attention, there was no link to click on to perform these updates.

I exited out of that screen and then my computer went black when I pressed enter it came on again seeking a password to log into access my computer. I've never had a password on my computer to enter into it and now I can't get into it at all.

Prior to subscribing to Total Security, my computer did this same action of requiring a password to gain access following which a technician rectified the problem, advising he found a substantial amount of scamware and other security threatening occurrences which he removed.

Following this my computer's been running very well until tonight.

It was after this situation I immediately purchased my subscription to BD Total Security for my android and computer.

I'm just so very disappointed that BD didn't protect my devices from this happening again. Also I don't understand why the updates wouldn't process via the results of the BD vulnerability scan. I still believe BD to be a very good product and believed the price ensured highest quality, reliable mobile and PC security protection. This is why I am especially disappointed having the same problem again which means another visit to a technician to hopefully rectify this problem.

I had such faith in Bitdefender's powerful capabilities as per many online reviews by numerous IT related companies and just so hoped it would be the answer to protecting me on my computer. BD has been excellent with my mobile but disappointing on my PC.

Please advise me if you think I would be better protected with a more robust BD subscription? I purchased Total Security in January this year so have many months remaining on my current subscription.

Would BD use my remaining outstanding subscription toward a more protective product?

Your comments on why BD failed to update the reported two "critical updates" and any additional information you can provide as to why BD didn't perhaps find any malware or other security issues on my pc?

I'm very grateful (and relieved) "senior" customers have this opportunity to receive BD experts' kind assistance. Thankyou.