HIPS functionality in Firewall (Home) / Auto-Sandboxing (Home)

Hi Bitdefender team! As a long-time user, I'm incredibly impressed with your dedication to providing top-tier security. Today, I have two feature suggestions that I believe would significantly elevate your security suite and cater to the evolving needs of tech-savvy users:

HIPS-style Functionality in the Firewall: In today's complex digital landscape, advanced users often crave an extra layer of control. Implementing HIPS-like functionality within the firewall would empower users to monitor and actively manage individual application connections in real-time. This granular control allows users to identify and potentially block suspicious network activity initiated by unknown programs, adding a crucial layer of defense against sophisticated threats that might bypass traditional detection methods.

Automatic Application Sandboxing: Malware authors are constantly devising new techniques to infiltrate systems. Automatic application sandboxing would be a game-changer in this arms race. By isolating any unknown or potentially risky programs in a secure, virtual environment, Bitdefender could analyze their behavior without jeopardizing the user's system. If the program exhibits malicious intent, the sandbox can safely terminate it, clean up any remnants, and report the threat to Bitdefender's engine for further investigation and future threat identification. This proactive approach would significantly enhance Bitdefender's ability to safeguard users from zero-day attacks and other emerging threats . (Because Bitdefender's sandboxing is either triggered by its heuristics or done manually in GravityZone which isn't available for Home users)

I firmly believe that these features would resonate strongly with Bitdefender's security-conscious community, providing them with powerful tools to take a more active role in protecting their systems. Considering Bitdefender's commitment to innovation, I would be thrilled to see these features implemented in a future update. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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