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Weak Password Detected


I received this under Vulnerability:

Weak Password Detected

Vulnerability scan completed successfully. Bitdefender detected a weak password for the user: Administrator

I clicked on the button "change password" under notifications in the Bitdefender window but then wondered is Bitdefender referring to my Bitdefender account or my Windows 10 PC admin account that is weak?

When I clicked the change password button it said I didn't have an old password but there were places to put old password and then the new password twice. I have been running my computer under a local administrator account because I lost the ability to go in my original account a long time after I said I didn't want a password on my computer. How do I put in an old password when I stopped using it a long time ago and was using no password for years. I use a PIN to get in now.


  • BitDefFan2014
    BitDefFan2014 ✭✭✭
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    Hey @Otter2020

    Please visit this MS answer section and follow the instructions provided by the moderator. It should work like a charm.

  • Otter2020
    Otter2020 ✭✭
    edited April 4

    Thanks for the info. It didn't help me because I have had my computer for nine years or so and only used the password for a short while. I told the computer to not use a password soon after and the one I did save that I had during that time doesn't seem to work to log in with a password anymore.

    I restarted my computer for many years without a password or PIN of any kind. All of a sudden that changed one day and I had to make a PIN. I have tried to change my password but it keeps asking for my old password first which doesn't work. Sometime in the first few years, I added a PIN because it would let me and it was easier and that still works so that is what I use. I use a local administrator account. It shows another account just called Administrator but I am afraid to do anything with that in case it messes u my account I already have.

    What I wrote probably sounds confusing…I am confused trying to explain it…LOL…