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When upgrading AutoHotKey I get a message that installer is infected


Sorry that's in Dutch but I run the product in Dutch. Through winget I was updating some installed software and got the below message:

Can this be a false positive?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @DikkieDick,

    If you believe this is a false positive detection, you can send a sample to the Bitdefender Labs using the form available at the link below:

    Once confirmed, false alarms are corrected within hours.

    I hope the information is helpful.



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  • DikkieDick
    edited April 10

    Hi @Alexandru_BD , frankly I don't know if it's a false positive. Could be that it contains a virus which ofcourse we don't hope as it's stuff released through Github. I could also ask on the autohotkey-forum if they are aware that the setupfile is giving a virus-message. Looks like it happened more often in the past.

    Gave it a try with VirusTotal and this gives the following (I haven't been long enough around here to post links, so a screenshot) but then BitDefender doesn't show up.

    Update: tried to submit it through the mentioned form but I got stuck after pressing submit. And nothing seems to be happening. Or it has been submitted but then it has now been submitted 6 times or so.