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Can anyone help? Windows platform


Hi - I volunteer for an online charity which involves my making responses thro' their online encrypted system. I need to use people's email address which have come into the system and respond to their emails. This was working fine until the end of last week. Now when I insert the email address in the appropriate box it's being kicked out and replaced by an 'X'. My email responses are also being erased (they are based on templates which I add text to) as soon as I press the 'Send' button. The charity itself doesn't seem to have a clue as to why this is happening. They suggested that I use a different server but the same thing is happening there. So, is it a Bitdefender issue, a Windows issue or sth else? I'm unsure what to do. I wonder if I need to have settings to exempt their application but I don't want to put myself at unnecessary risk if this is nothing to do with it. Many thanks in advance.


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    @Ellba ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. This does not sound to me like a Bitdefender issue, but we would need to know more to help isolate the issue.

    Bitdefender does not interfere with composing emails, so the behaviour you are describing is most likely the email program itself, but the Operating System may be responsible.

    You did mention Windows, and if so, what version of Windows do you have? Is it a Server edition? What is the name of the encrypted mail program being used?

    Windows did issue monthly updates last week. It is possible that a Windows update "broke" something, a rather unfortunate but common occurrence.

    We are here to help. Have a great day.