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Security Breach: Alert Mode Not Working


Following on from months of screaming at Bit Defender to fix a bug where alert mode switched itself off when full-screening a YouTube video, I find today that alert mode is still not working as it should be and it is STILL causing a breach in the security of my PC…

Alert mode is switched on

Which should allow me the human to "control each connection" as it CLEARLY states.

Yet, despite alert mode being switched on, I find Bit Defender is choosing of its own accord which applications can connect to the internet without notifying me.

Bit Defender has allowed these and more applications to connect, without asking me, despite alert mode being switched on.

And no rules being in place….

Please can someone tell me if this is fixable, so I (that's me personally) can control EVERY application's access to connect to the internet.

Failing that, Bit Defender is not providing the security I paid for and I want my money back.


  • Flexx

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    @camarie can also have a look into this for you.


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  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    I'm not sure about the logic behind the alert mode on firewall, but I assume at this time, since you mentioned Youtube fullscreen video, that the profiles kicks in and attempt to not show alerts while in movie profile.

    That been said, I am forwarding this to the appropriate guys so they can confirm (or not) why this happens. If there is a support ticket with the product logs attached it will be very helpful to track down the behavior.

  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    Followup: There was a fixed issue ("Alert mode is disabled when entering full screen") which was fixed in the last update ( Are you updated to the latest version?

  • Chris_Munday
    edited May 7

    That question is answered in my original post.

    Alert mode is still buggy and I’ve contacted support. I’m not expecting to get anywhere as the last time this happened, the forum people tried to palm it off until many people complained with the same issue.

    All I really want is a total security package that works and protects the security of my PC. I haven’t got that at the moment.