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New Parental Control - Today's update - NO SUBSCRITION MESSAGE!

edited May 9 in Parental Control

After updating to the new version available today, I receive a notification that I do not have a subscription to use. Strange because it was working perfectly, but does anyone have this problem?


  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
    edited May 9


    Can you tell me on what platform does this happen, are you using Windows, or a mobile device? Where exactly do you see this, on desktop/mobile/Central? A screenshot would be useful as well.


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  • Half_Life

    Apparently the problems were temporary. Working properly now.

  • Empowered

    I have the same problem, but unfortunately it doesn't go away.

    I've restarted the unit, reinstalled both "Bitdefender Mobile Security" (v and "Bitdefender Parental Control" (v 5.0.157) and also removed the unit from Bitdefender Central.

    The error only occurs in the Parental Control app and not the Mobile Security app.

    When opening the parental control app the first time I enter my usual e-mail address and password. I get no options to set any access controls and instead get an error message.

    The error message translated to English is ""No Subscription. You need a parental control subscription to create positive digital habits and handle which content your child should have access to.".

    There's a blue "Logout" button on this screen, but it's not possible to use it. You're told a a parental PIN is needed, but there's no field where to enter it.

    I've manually given the parental control app access to Location, Notifications and Phone. I've manually disabled "Pause app activity if the app is not used".

    The unit with the problem is a Lenovo TB350FU using Android 13. It's running Google Family Link at the same time, which has not been a problem in the past. I'm using Bitdefender Central on Windows 11, usually with Firefox, and have the license "Bitdefender Family Pack".

  • JLeca
    edited May 12

    I have the same problem.

    Is there already any fix or workaround to this problem?

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello everyone,

    The developers are aware of this behavior and will release a fix soon.

    Thank you for your feedback! 👍️

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