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OK. I bought BD substantially in the hope of being able to manage passwords. I am 76 years old… Right now I'd say that it's actually creating more difficulties than anything I've used before (last was KPWM - deleted for what I hope are obvious reasons),

At the very least I'd like to be able to delete the horribly multuplicated entries. Confusion means I'm constantly having to regenerate passwords. Looking at the fiddly drop down window is close to pointless. I can't even see dates for the PWs creation. This is a HUGE omission from the user interface, which in this instance I would describe as absolutely hopeless.

Next, having 3 PCs in current use the above problem is multiplied. When I create a new password on one, I have to repeat the exercise on the next and then in reverse. UNLESS I keep a separate file of PWs on a USB stick. Can I migrate the PW list from one PC to others? Or even copy it to a USB stick (which seems like a parody of password management!)

There are other issues I'm having with understanding this utility. Only today I was subject of a phishing attack and think that sonme of my PWs have been compromised (I've just changed many of them)

Where possible I'm changing access to 2-factor authentication. Also, I use fingerprint authentication on 2 devices but. But the above issues remain.

Edit: I have just exported the content of the BDPWM to a spreadsheet. It looks OK but one critical PW I thought I just changed is listed in the form I generated myself weeks ago! This is one hell of a mess that I thought I would be able to eliminate by buying this product.

I just found the individualentry "edit" function, which contains dates. These are NOT however exported with the other data. What happens if you re-import an edited spreadsheet? They will vanish?

Editing individual entries in the niggardly little window: after every edit the list returns to the top when you hit "back". Annoying. Particularly when editing near-identical entries. Why can't the list window at least be resized?


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    Hello @Pogossian

    When you enter a new password into the password manager, it should be syncing across all of your devices, you shouldn't need to enter it in on the other devices, or need to use a UBD stick to transfer those. Otherwise, you could end up with duplicate entries. Once you fill it in, then log into your other device Bitdefender PM, it should sync to that device automatically. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're going through.

    I paged the forum Admin who works for Bitdefender, @Alexandru_BD, and asked him to fill in the blanks I'm missing. He will probably respond Thursday morning, Romanian time.

    Here are some links that may be helpful.

    Kind regards.

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Pogossian,

    If I understand the situation correctly, you've found duplicate entries when importing your passwords into Password Manager?

    In case of duplicate data, the import log will display this error: “Document with the same unique properties already exists” – followed by the title, site address, and username. It means that those credentials are already saved with identical username and domain name/URL in Bitdefender Password Manager.

    As far as duplicate entries are concerned, only duplicate Accounts are rejected by the import process. Identities, Notes, and Credit Cards will still be imported – despite being duplicates – because there are fewer unique indicators required to recognize such a double entry.

    There is a way to filter and eliminate two or more identical entries in Bitdefender Password Manager. Open each duplicate account one by one, then determine which is duplicate and which is original by comparing the date when they were created:

    • the edit icon next to each duplicate.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the “Edit account” tab.
    • The date is displayed at the bottom of the account you are editing. You will also find there a “Delete” button.

    It is possible for Bitdefender Password Manager to import two or more credentials with identical usernames and domains, without treating them as duplicates. In this case, the password and account name are different, therefore the password manager treats them as separate data and imports all the credentials.



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