Is the Digital Footprint [in Digital Identity Protection] simply picking up "services" by cookies?


The program appears to be identifying websites I have visited but have never had accounts with; nor have I provided these sites with my name or email address, and I don't think they have these. I suspect they have a phone number of something else. The "services" defaults say I am "Using this service" but I am not. Examples include telcos and for many, Bitdefender simply suggests "Potential digital footprint" of "Authentication data", "Preferences" or "Cookie preferences".

I have reviewed the USER'S GUIDE and it is weak. Page 8 says: "To review your digital footprint:

1. Go to the DIGITAL FOOTPRINT tab.
2. Information that has not been verified yet will appear with the text
Verify on the right side. Click Verify, then select Yes or No, depending
on the case."

This "Verify" button does NOT exist!

To "Manage your data" for quite a few of "my" services, I opted to send the organisations emails requesting they delete my personal data (mostly using default supplied wording). Many have come back and either cannot locate any account or data for me and/or asking me for more information. It seems that Bitdefender Digital Footprint has identified website cookie data on my machine for a lot of these "Services" it says I use. So I also cleared all my Cookies, Cache, Browsing history, downloads etc. These sites are all still there. I cannot locate a Refresh button for Digital Footprint.


  • I ended up sending second emails to some services with screenshots showing them what Bitdefender shows. They agree that I have no account with them and they cannot find data for me. Some ask for all my personal details so they can check more, which i will not do. The functionality of the digital footprint page leaves a lot to be desired.