Invalid Reg Key Warning With A Purchased Bd Copy! And Other Bd Woes


Throughout the past year or so I've received a pop up that states my BD 2011 Internet Security is running via an invalid reg key. Since it will continue to work, I've thought it was merely a bug or some goofy virus. Not only that, it frequently has to be uninstalled and reinstalled to run correctly as it will not "hold" settings; i.e., scheduled virus scans, or it locks up the computer or won't stop running or has the fun loving gray globe of annoyance. etc. If the reason the program is running so erratically is because of this "illegal reg key" can you please fix this issue? I purchased my BD copy from the website. Currently, I am using a Dell 1520 inspiron Vista premium with BD Int.2011. I do not use any other antivirus services.

Thankyou and Cheers

Foamie :wub:


  • Hi Foamie,

    I created a ticket on your behalf and sent you instructions via email on how to investigate the issue you encounter. Please send me the generated log files along with the license key listed in the software.

    Ticket ID: 201101301023308


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