[resolved]Update Failed

I uninstalled the bit TS 2011 and install the TS 2012. But I don't know why the TS can't update. Bitdefender events always says that : "An error occured during update (-1011)" ...

Please help me fix this ...

Thanks so much


  • Facing same problem not able to update Bitdefender total security 2012. Tried re-installing the product, what i noticed was the product was able to update only once after installation.

  • Now i can update again. I think that yesterday the upgrade server was overloaded so bit couldn't update. If any problem persists, i'll contact you . Thanks .

  • manoj.cool
    edited July 2011

    Now its showing An error occurred during update (5)

  • This may be a problem because of previous installation. If have replaced Bitdefender 2011 with 2012 version, please not that uninstall process leave some of files of older version.This may cause problem in update.. Please uninstall 2011 with BitDefender Uninstaller(Not the application's)BD Downloads. Thank You.

  • Hi Manoj.cool,

    Could you post here if the issue reoccurred ?

    Thank you!

  • manoj.cool
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    Hi Manoj.cool,

    Could you post here if the issue reoccurred ?

    Thank you!

    No, I am not having anymore issues with the updates.

  • Hello,

    Glad to see the issue is now resolved. If you have any further queries please open a new topic, explain the situation and you'll have our answer in the shortest time possible.

    Case resolved, topic closed.

    Best regards,

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