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[solved] How To Disable Bd Pop-up Advertisements?



  • OK, thanks for the reassurance.

    That would do for me - one thing I didn't like was the 'all or nothing' approach to notifications.

    Under Settings> General > Advanced there is an option called Configure Status Alerts. Here you can turn off three different alerts, Update Status, Antivirus Status or Browser Security Status. Only problem is I am not sure any of these 3 would solve the pop up problem. The HELP topic on this area tells little to nothing but I am going to try and turn off the Update status. My bet is that it will just stop telling me my definitions are out of date but who cares since they will update them anyway.

  • columbo
    Under Settings> General > Advanced there is an option called Configure Status Alerts. Here you can turn off three different alerts, Update Status, Antivirus Status or Browser Security Status. Only problem is I am not sure any of these 3 would solve the pop up problem. The HELP topic on this area tells little to nothing but I am going to try and turn off the Update status. My bet is that it will just stop telling me my definitions are out of date but who cares since they will update them anyway.

    Your assumption is correct, sattamander, disabling the Status Alerts (Update) will not stop the pop would be nice if it was that easy, though ^_^ Disabling the Update alert works good for when you on your PC, but offline, so you don't get the accumulated red events icon (or temporarily turning off Auto Update).

  • FYI: I contacted BitDefender customer support to see if I could "opt out" of the annoying BitDefender pop-up ads. Here is the response I got (ticket # 201307201011738):

    > Thank you for contacting Bitdefender support.


    > Bitdefender will display an add once a year when we will launch our new

    > product.


    > I have taken a note that you do not want to receive any pop-ups and forwarded

    > it to the appropriate department.

    That is somewhat ambiguous. It looks like "opting out" may, or may not, be possible. I'm guessing not.

    once a year? what a total lie, so far today ive had 3, contacted them and gave them both barrels, i rarely if ever complain, but this is a joke and ###### off the ppl who subscribed with them

  • trapper
    trapper ✭✭✭

    I am typing this while waiting for BitDefender to answer the phone from the link supplied above. 10 minutes? I wish!!

    This sort of action is one of the best way of LOSING customers I may well vote by going elsewhere when my subscription runs out.

    Okay, it took 20 minutes to the UK call number, answered by a person in Romania, I requested that I was removed from receiving any further Pop-Ups and gave my email address. I also asked if the subscription renewal was automatic or manual, the reply was if it was bought from a retail source the renewal was manual, however if the purchase was from the Bd website it was automatically renewed. I requested this be changed to manual as I feel it is wrong to assume that I agree to them taking my money without asking, it's not like a Bank Direct Debit where I can get my money back!

    I too made my feelings quite clear, perhaps their Anti Sales Manager will take note of their customers feedback? One can only hope!!

  • columbo
    ..................... I also asked if the subscription renewal was automatic or manual, the reply was if it was bought from a retail source the renewal was manual, however if the purchase was from the Bd website it was automatically renewed.

    It is auto renewed on the website store, unless you opt out by un-checking the auto renew box on the bottom of the Billing and Payment page. (image at the bottom of this link):

    Just wanted to clarify that :)

  • ssfire


    I just received another pop-up spam advertisement just now: This is the SECOND one in FOUR days. Am I going to get a spam advertisement every four days?

  • I created this account just to say that I am done with Bitdefener.

    When a security software starts acting like malware I no longer have any interest in using that software.

    Further, friends of mine just bought Bitdefender (about 2 months ago) on my recommendation (I am one of those geeks that act as tech-support for all my friends) and now I am getting calls about these pop-ups.

    I will NOT be recommending Bitdefender to anybody else again, ever.

    I am currently shopping around for specials from other companies, since I will be upgrading my parents computers as well in the next 2 weeks.

    A week ago I would have recommended Bitdefender without question, now anything but Bitdefender is an option.

    It is such an pity since the software itself is great. I would really like to know which idiot in management thought this was a good idea.

    Good bye.

  • werby3
    ...I am done with Bitdefener...
    Be very careful about auto renewal.

    ...the software itself is great...
    Don't be so sure...
    edited July 2013

    I need this disabled to. It's annoying and since it's not a standard window, I don't know if it's really from Bitdefender or a virus! I'm actually holding off on installing this on my parent's machine and buying more licenses until this gets fixed.

  • +1 this post! I need to be assured these issues are resolved, and a fix to stop being spammed with pop-up ads for new versions of Bitdefender before I renew my licenses and upgrade. I can't put this on my parent's machine and have them call me every day about strange pop-ups on a product we are paying for.

  • trapper
    trapper ✭✭✭

    When I phoned Bd I requested email confirmation that they had disabled the pop-ups, today I received the following email from them:

    Please be kindly informed that the offer for 19.95$ was part of a temporary campaign which is no longer available. However, in order to enjoy the benefits of our products we have created the below discount offer for Bitdefender Total Security for 3 users, 1 year:

    (copy the entire link into the address bar of your browser)

    As for the automatic renewal option, it is already disabled for your account.

    The pop-up you have received was automatically sent by our system. However, due to an error, it was also sent to the clients that have already upgraded.

    We have now made the necessary changes and the pop-ups will no longer appear.

    We regret the created hassle!

    If you will have further questions, it will be our pleasure to assist you.

    Have a nice day!

    Best regards,

    Ana Fasic

    Senior Customer Service Representative at Bitdefender

    Hopefully this will be the end of those damned pop-ups!!

  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭
    edited July 2013


    If the issue still persists, please send me a PM with the email you used to create MyBitdefender account and your Bitdefender license key.

    We will make sure to disable the in product messaging for you in maximum 48 hours after we receive this information.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • ssfire

    I get this message when I try to send a PM to Georgia through the forum:

    "This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or they are in a member group not allowed to use the personal messenger.

    This personal message has not been sent"


  • ssfire

    The spam keeps coming! I just got this pop-up spam advertisement from BitDefender. This is the 3rd pop-up I've gotten in the past week, despite the fact that I've requested BitDefender technical support to stop the popups for my account. This popup wants me to "like" the BitDefender FaceBook page. Looks like malware to me.


  • esmaeilhamdy
    edited July 2013
    Dear Christian,

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    I have read a number of posts where you have responded to the issue of pop-ups. I commend your restraint as well as your diligence.

    However, I have to also request that you review my post. Today, I saw the pop-up for what I considered the last time before taking action. I read a number of posts in the forum, but only 1 was related to Bitdefener 2013 pop-ups. I was the third to post in that specific topic. The other 2 were unclear if there is a resolve for the 2013 version to disable the pop-ups.

    Christian, I know you are the mediator for the company and users. As such, I would ask that you present my suggestion (found in my post) to the company and emphatically request they make a similar change to their software.

    Having pop-ups coming from something for which I have paid is not acceptable - for ANY reason. There "may" be users who need that sort of prodding to upgrade, remind them or otherwise take action for some reason. But those people are using "free" anti-virus software and much bigger problems. Most of the people using Bitdefender are using the software because they have used other popular software - they are not novice users.

    For this reason, pop-ups are of no value coming from the software. The average user of Bitdefender is a savvy user who does not need to be reminded that there are methods to speed up their computer. In fact, I would argue that most are like me - using a computer that is already faster than most on the Internet. To suggest that "my" system is running slow is like suggesting to Ferrari that they consider hiring an intelligent mechanic to make their vehicles fast.

    Please review my post carefully. I'm suggesting an "opt-in" that is obvious, mandatory, and well explained as to what the user will see "if" they opt-in.

    Additionally, there should be a method to disable the pop-ups if the user decides later that they no longer wish to receive them.

    Blindly "assuming" that every Bitdefender user is incompetent and must be reminded of renewals, led to software that will slow their computer when being "sold" on the fact that something may increase the speed of their computer, or whatever Bitdefender believes justifies their pop-ups, is just wrong.

    To make assumptions for thousands of users is "always" wrong.

    I hope you will be able to submit this information successfully and get the pop-ups stopped for every user instead of only those savvy enough to call and request that their specific account pop-ups be disabled.

    Thank you for your time.

    I have been using bit defender on several months with no problems and all of a sudden I start getting spammed by popups from bit defender. I looked it up and it looks like the only option is to call bit defender and ask them to turn it off. Really? First, if you want to let me know about new features for the antivirus, you can just send me an email. If you want to tell me about new products you can keep it to yourself, because I'm not interested in anything other than an antivirus from an antivirus company. If you want to start spamming me with popup ads you can kiss my business goodbye and refund me the difference in my remaining subscription. Popup ads from a (once) reputable company are just not acceptable and should not be tolerated by anyone. Who is the idiot who thought a security product should spam you with popups? This person should be beaten, then fired, then beaten again for good measure.

    TL;DR I want my money back so I can buy a product that doesn't spam me with popup ads! I will be informing al my friends and making several posts on security related web sites and forums about this. This in NOT tolerable.

  • mdhowes
    edited July 2013
    I get this message when I try to send a PM to Georgia through the forum:

    "This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or they are in a member group not allowed to use the personal messenger.

    This personal message has not been sent"


    Same... I will not be renewing this year.

    This has been a problem since I first started using BD in 2010. They're simply not interested in removing these ads.

    Personally I think it's a complete lack of respect for their customers.

    Pop-up ads coming from a pop-up blocker... What a joke.

  • columbo

    Lets see if this post/reply applies to us all, and concerns all pop ups:

  • I contacted support and had auto-renewal turned off on my account.

    In 117 days will be switching to a different anti-virus.

    Myself and the 5 other users on my account are sick of these invasive ads.

  • And additional:

    How to switch off the reminder for creating a MyBitdefender account?

  • the latest version does NOT eliminate the popup ads. I have the latest version of BD IS 2013, and I got this popup just now:


    That's it. I am ripping out BitDefender and moving to a different antivirus solution. I can't tolerate getting spammed by my own antivirus program.

  • It's no wonder BitDefender licenses are selling for peanuts on eBay. If this is the way they treat their customers, it won't be long before they can't even give the licenses away. It's very sad to see such an otherwise good product being ruined by a support / development team who appear to simply be fobbing customers off with false promises. :(

  • bitter150
    edited August 2013

    One more nag screen:


  • Yeah, this is a bunch of BS. Fu#@ing thing popped up while giving a presentation. How unprofessional is that... I'm going to try and get a full refund and choose a different product. I just can't believe they pulled this ######.

  • I have the same problem with the annoying pop-ups.

    I left an email ticket with support, but I am not hopeful.

    Probably the only solution is to switch vendors.

    I would like to include the screen shot from the bit-defender web site.

    Note the bottom left feature they list.



  • I complained on Facebook and was asked to send feedback to and got the following response.

    Dear M,

    Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern.

    We kindly inform you that your Bitdefender account has been excluded from any

    notification regarding our promotions.

    M, please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further


    Best regards,

    Maria Petre

    Senior Customer Service Representative at Bitdefender

    3 days later I'm still getting these pop-ups.

    I strongly recommend posting feedback on their Facebook page for everyone to see.

    They clearly have no intention of removing these pop-ups; but at least our concerns will be out in the public for all to see. The forum isn't public enough for them to care.

  • Hello,

    If the issue still persists, please send me a PM with the email you used to create MyBitdefender account and your Bitdefender license key.

    We will make sure to disable the in product messaging for you in maximum 48 hours after we receive this information.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    I sent you a PM, it disappeared. Never received a reply, there's nothing in my Sent list. I don't really understand why you need a PM anyway, you can see the email attached to this forum account.

    As others have said, if this issue persists I will not be renewing my 3 BitDefender licenses.

  • Yeah, I've also received a few popups over the past week. As a result, I will definitely not be renewing my subscription (which, since I bought from a third-party vendor, is MANUAL) when the current one runs out. Whoever made the decision that this was a money-making idea is a total idiot and needs to stick to programming instead of marketing.

  • yeolde
    edited August 2013

    I read a thread back to MARCH 2013 on this issue, and that it was changes coming so we wouldnt get these pop up's. I work in IT support myself, so I know Georgia just doing her job, and she follows the guidelines of the administration.

    This is outrageous for a PAID product, even a full 1 year license and not any months to months. My license isnt even half year through(!).

    Not renewing my license. I been a happy camper with it, but these pop up implimentation are the work of a total fool(i restrain myself from bursting out), but I see others got these during presentations, or administrate several pc's. I just got it while gaming, and my game crashed(insert mad face).

    Hasta la vista bitdefender, hope I never see you again.

  • I seem to be getting around 1-2 ads a day and this is completely unacceptable.

    To me getting pop ups is a game breaker for any anti-virus (or other software for that matter). For example main reason I quickly uninstalled McAfee was that apart from poor software I was also getting bombarded by adverts. It looks like BitDefender is going through same route that is a shame as it was a good product.

    I do not intend to renew BitDefender and if anything would like a pro-rata refund of my existing license which would enable me to uninstall it and find a decent anti-virus with no advertising without incurring a financial loss as it's not my fault if incompetence of marketing department means that product no longer functions in line with specifications it possess when I bought it.

    In a professional environment pop up adverts are both embarrassing and make an awful impression that can often result in actual financial losses.

    I'm sure there will be some BitDefender rep who will try to fob us off and give a polite apology and claim that pop ups aren't working as intended. Problem is that as a user I don't think there is any form of pop up advertising that is acceptable so no matter what intent is it's not something I would accept or in any form approve. Tragicomically the special offer pop ups apart from being annoying are even in a foreign currency so don't even apply to me although I can say without any hesitation that while offer didn't apply the annoyance certainly did.

    In the end BitDefender has two choices. Either change their advertising so users can in worst case scenario easily opt out in user settings or in ideal case completely cease this practice that simply irritates their entire consumer base. Second choice is to continue that will probably result in at least 50% of people not renewing and a lot of negative publicity.

    If they continue with this approach I suspect it may have a slight temporary boost in cash flow but will lose money in long term. It's funny how sales statistics will be manipulated to create an erroneous strategy. Here is a summary:

    1. Heavy advertising for 1 month => increase in renewals as naive people renew early

    2. Advertising suspended for 11 months => heavy decrease in renewals. Combined effects of early renewals no longer being renewed in these months and existing users aggravated by advertising campaign leaving to get an ad-free anti-virus.

    3. BitDefender sales heavily down from last year => Panic

    4. Marketing noticed that advertising boosted sales last time so will try it again for 1 month etc

    It looks like BitDefender is heading for a downwards spiral where the perceived solution is the root of the problem and thus the more they try to fix it worse situation gets.

  • mudya

    I have been getting the pop up ads every single day for about 2 weeks now. It happens shortly after I log in. Yes I can simply x off the ad, but why do we have to do this? We paid for what is supposed to be a non-intrusive and respectable service... They want me to upgrade to their latest version despite me still having 163 days left on my licence. I have renewed 3 times now, and never had a problem with ads before, but I surely won't be renewing in the future.

    I hope they sort this issue out before then but I am not hopeful.

  • mudya

    This is the message I am getting, is it the same for anyone else and will it ever disappear? 163 days of this is going to be a killer!


  • vtired
    edited August 2013

    I've been getting that screen for the past week too, every day. At least it answers a question. I did wonder what the BD team were doing instead of sorting out the crucial video streaming problem that has apparently been present for several years. Now I know. They've been developing ways to turn BD into malware, doing the exact functions it's supposed to protect against.

    Will I be buying this product again when the licence runs out. Hmm, let me think, tricky one that...

    BD: A nasty, money-making company who don't care one jot for their customers. Pathetic.

  • Even though I sent them an email, I still got the pop up again today. <img class=" />

  • I cannot get these dam popups to go away either.

    I bought this software because it was suppose to keep this type of bad behavior away. NOT put it in.

    My clients machines I have installed this software on, are now upset because they are getting popups on their computers and it's costing me time and money.

    I have now deleted this software off all my clients machines and will never recommend this companies products again,

    I'll just write this off as a loss, since a refund for everyone is unimaginable at this time and I've already put way too much time into something as silly as this.

    I suggest that whatever team or individual is responsible for putting these popups that cannot be turned off into a virus software be immediately fired and a new team hired.

    This decision to create a quick buck for the company by advertising on our desktops has created nothing short of suicide, there will be no long term commitments from valued customers like myself anymore.

    Maybe that's the whole point, capture as much money as you can while your hot, then create the next best thing under another name, rinse and repeat.


  • rperez333
    edited August 2013
    The last few days I've had similar popups pitching BitDefender Premium Services. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! I don't give a ###### what or how great the product or service being offered is it's INTRUSIVE, UNWARRANTED AND UNWANTED.

    Bottom line: Cease and desist all such practices or I WILL NOT RENEW MY LICENSE. Furthermore, I will no longer recommend BitDefender products to friends and associates and will rescind any and all such prior recommendations.

    The last thing we need or want is a trojan horse masquerading as an AV product. I hope I've made myself clear.

    I'll join the list here. I dont wanna a gigantic popup everyday 10pm on my screen. Remove this s### or will not renew or recommend this software anymore. BTW, I'll have to uninstall because a popup like that, on 2 computers, everyday for the next 6 months.... You guys got be kidding with us.

  • Alright, I've had enough. This is STILL going on for me and I'm just not going to take it any more. I can only ask nicely so many times before I get fed up with this garbage. I uninstalled BitDefender from the 4 machines at my house last night. I was previously thinking about recommending BitDefender for the new machines we just got at my office, but now...forget about it.

    BitDefender, you are the most unprofessional AV/security company I have ever seen in my life, and you deserve to lose every bit of business that these popups are costing you. Shame on all of you.

  • columbo
    edited August 2013

    To be honest, I don't use MyBitdefender account that much, can anyone confirm if Bitdefender found a new way to try to help resolve the desktop pop up issue (maybe for those who enable their MyBitdefender account?), via the Dashboard the offers/My Offers notification. I know on an install, you'll get a pop up for products/services. But can anyone confirm the above, or am I behind the times, that maybe there will be less pop ups, hopefully, maybe?



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  • I've now been getting these huge popups on startup as well for a few weeks. It's driving me mad. If this is the way bitdefender is trying to keep customers they must be out of their mind. I will _NOT_ renew this service unless these popups go away permanently. But considering this thread has been going since March I have little hope this company cares until we all stop paying.

  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭
    edited September 2013


    Only a commercial service representative can help you unsubscribe from the Bitdefender IPM pop-up's.

    Before I send the request to the proper team so you will no longer receive these pop-ups, I need the Bitdefender license key you are currently using in the product and the email used to create a MyBitdefender account.

    To ask this, I will create individual ticket ID's in our email system. Please reply to my email.

    @ ssfire: Since you already contacted us via email on this matter, I kept the same Ticket ID: 201307201011738 I already have your email and Bitdefender license key.

    @ esmaeilhamdy: Your ticket ID is 201309041020408

    @ mdhowes: I see you already requested to unsubscribe from IPM's via Ticket ID 201308051019823. I will make sure the commercial service understands correctly your request. Thank you for your feedback.

    @ bitter150: You can't skip the reminder for creating a MyBitdefender account. Alternatively, you can always enter a random email just to avoid that. I've also created a request for you, the Ticket ID is: 201309041021662

    @ Black Dog: Your Ticket ID: 201309041021563 . I already found the email you used for MyBitdefender and the license key.

    @ cantbelievethis: Sorry about the inconvenience encountered during the presentation. Your Ticket ID is: 201307231004068

    @ mprygh: I see you were already unsubscribed from all IPM's, as requested via ticket ID 201308101003321 . Please post back if you still receive the pop-up advertising.

    @ bigtuna00: I will do a follow-up on your ticket ID 201308101011703, as I see the representative did not understand correctly your request. Sorry about that.

    @ John Blansky: Your Ticket ID is: 201309041023999 I already have all the information I need to forward your case to the appropriate department.

    @ yeolde: I created a Ticket ID 201309041024021 for your request.

    @ No_Ads_Wanted: Thank you for your feedback, your ticket Ticket ID is: 201309041024103

    mudya Your ticket ID for this request is 201309041021563 .

    @ billy064: I've just created the Ticket ID: 201309041024286 to remove your details from the IPM list.

    @ rperez: Thank you for letting us know how you feel. Your ticket ID for this request is 201309041024343.

    douglasbarbin: Please consider the e-mail sent to you via Ticket ID: 201308231023511 as an official apology letter from Bitdefender, for the inconvenience encountered and for the negative experience you had with the IPM pop-ups.

    @ altera My colleagues will handle your request via email ticket ID 201309041024418

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation.

    Have a nice day!

  • columbo
    edited September 2013

    Hi Georgia :)

    Is Bitdefender still in the works of making a easier way for users to opt out of the pop ups (notifications) via their email? Or is there always going to be a need to contact a service rep.?

    Also, are the MyBitdefender notifications, above post, for those who have the desktop notifications disabled, and is a way for Bitdefender to notify us of new products/information?

    I just want to know how to answer posts in the future with correct information, of what they can expect or need to do to resolve this issue case by case. I know this is a Bitdefender management thing, and not a Tech Support (you and Christian), so hopefully we (as many here have been considerate of) will understand that you are just the messenger, and to not take it out on you.

    Kind regards,


  • This looks like spyware or a virus to most people. If Bitdefender is not going to change, can someone recommend one that is safe to install on family computers?


  • Does anyone have any information that pertains to the topic of how to get a refund for the balance of a license? Has anyone been successful in getting a refund at all, or is this a hopeless request?

    I've already uninstalled BitDefender and bought Kaspersky for all of my computers. This is the most ridiculous promotional scam I've ever seen. I will be telling all of my friends, family and colleagues to never use BD products and services.

    It's tragic really. BD is some of the best AV that money can buy, but I think the occasional restore from backup coupled with a less effective AV tool is less frustrating than the spam messages BD keeps sending me.

  • The "OFFICIAL" response:

    There is no way to turn off the pop-ups.

    The only method of stopping the pop-ups is to contact "Custom Service" about Bitdefender 2013 and ask them to place the E-mail address associated with your account onto their list.

    Withing 48 hours, according to Bitdefender, you will no longer receive the pop-ups.

    Is this a great resolve?


    Did I voice my opinion when requesting to be placed on the "disabled list"?


    I've used most every top name anti-virus available. Other than this pop-up garbage, Bitdefender tops the list as best. It's SO unfortunate that they feel the need to "force" users to read their advertisements. Regardless of their reason, it should be an "opt-in" when purchasing the product - an "option" that is clearly marked and requires a yes or no tick of a radio button or checkbox.

    AND...the option should NOT have a default answer checked.

    Christian, if you're out there, please bend enough ears to make this change happen.

    I have been using BD IS for over 3 months and this pop up spamming started about 2 weeks ago.

    I have been using BD for years. Next renewal i will be looking at others.

    Why should i have to pay for a phone call to stop this unwanted spamm.

  • Just had another ad two minutes ago. You pay good money to a company and they bombard your computer with adware (not to mention refusing to sort out problems such as video streaming that have been ongoing for years). A grubby, money-making company, I hope they go to the wall.

  • Hi everyone,

    I was terribly dismayed to learn about this problem. I don't have bitdefender, but was considering purchasing it. However, the fact that BitDefender would do this makes it pretty hard to trust them, and I may go with another product.

    Could someone please provide an update on how this is going for them? Did submitting the ticket solve anything?

    We're starting to see blog posts on it now:

    It's really unacceptable.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  • antikythera
    edited September 2013

    I've had two of these adverts so far since installing The New Bitdefender. I sent a polite request today for my machines not to be targeted. I won't jump ship over this unless it gets too frequent and my request is not honoured.

    It wouldn't be so bad if we had control of it on the computer instead of Tech. Support having to take action each time someone complains. It has already been suggested ad nauseam, so without over stepping the mark I would politely suggest that these requests are taken seriously by Bitdefender sooner rather than later. That way customers are happy and Tech. Support can deal with more pressing matters.

  • Would anyone else be willing to share their experiences? I'm ready to make a final purchase decision but I'm pretty disgusted with BitDefender at this point.

    To any of the people for whom Georgia opened a ticket above, is everything solved, going forward? Are the popups down to a reasonable amount?

  • Would anyone else be willing to share their experiences? I'm ready to make a final purchase decision but I'm pretty disgusted with BitDefender at this point.

    To any of the people for whom Georgia opened a ticket above, is everything solved, going forward? Are the popups down to a reasonable amount?

    Well, I received an email from the team, they said I had been subscribed. But I am still receiving the pop-ups. It started again yesterday. Every time I log in to my computer I am welcomed with a pop-up telling me to upgrade despite having over 200 days left on my licence. I would suggest looking elsewhere. If the product was free, I would not be so angry, but as it is, we do have to pay...

  • It's been nearly a month since your post. I'm also getting the popup ads, so it's obviously not fixed yet.

    If you're going to fix this, a option to not receive the ads (i.e. with a check-box) should be put in the popup ad itself, allowing the user to opt out of the ads then and there. It shouldn't be any more difficult than that for a customer who doesn't want to see ads to stop seeing them. Internet users, as a group, are much pickier about things being simple to do than the population as a whole is. The "let's fix it if they want it fixed and leave it there to generate income if they don't complain" is a bad business model. Your customers will fall into one or more of several categories (not listed in order of frequency):

    شركة نقل اثاث بالرياض

    1) Those who will flat-out uninstall the software and cancel the subscription, without saying a word or looking for a solution.

    2) Those who will look for a solution, and if none is found, or the solution is too much of a bother for them, will uninstall the software and cancel the subscription.

    3) Those who will contact you and try to get the problem fixed. Some will uninstall/cancel anyway, and others won't renew their subscription when it comes due.

    4) Those who will say nothing, let the subscription run out, and then cancel.

    5) Those who will allow the popups and still use the software.

    Notice that only one of those five groups will ever contact you. The first you may learn of the non-satisfaction of the others who cancel will be when the subscription is canceled, and by the time you're replied, they've probably moved to another company.

    As you've seen by the posts in this thread (and no doubt in emails, support tickets, and phone calls), more than a few people get very angry at the intrusions by the popups. A few such people (and one threatened you with nearly as much) may make a career out of spreading the "news" all over the internet. Negative publicity is a bad thing, because many people believe everything that they read and will blindly repeat it elsewhere. When reviewing products and services online, people tend to judge based on the lowest fairly-common rating, i.e. if they see 2 bad ratings for every 10 good ones, they won't buy.

    The bottom line is that whatever income you're generating from the popups probably is or will be negated by lost subscriptions, lost renewals, and lost potential customers. There are a lot of companies in the antivirus/security industry, and internet customers are a fickle, quick-to-change group. For every person who takes the time to complain, 20 more are just as upset and won't bother taking the time to complain. I don't know how much income the popups are making you, but I'd take a rough guess that the popup situation is costing and/or will cost you 3-5 times as much in lost subscriptions; something that may not be as apparent now as it will be down the road, when it's too late to do anything about it.

    I realize that I was long-winded, but this is something you may wish to address quickly. I could name dozens of online companies that failed because they didn't listen to their customers.

    L.o.D., I have the same issue. Just upgraded to BD IS 2013 last weekend and immediately had this issue

  • antikythera
    edited September 2013

    On the 14th September and again today...

    My support message has indeed got lost in the ether is or is being ignored. either way, I'm also not at all impressed. I've started a collection of screenshots...



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