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Does this work behind the scenes if the user is accessing facebook from say IPAD? It's installed on the laptop and it's all connected and shows scans when I check facebook protection in MyBitdefender, but I want to know if it's performing this if Facebook is being access from another device or only from this laptop?


  • It will only work from a device that has it installed.

  • Ok thanks makes sense, wanted to double check.

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    @ error-id10t

    If you are referring to Safego, keep in mind that this is an extra level of protection for Facebook. It's not a program installed on your device, but a Facebook application that scans the links shared on your wall and shows you which ones are infected. It is not dependent on the computer where Bitdefender is installed.

    For more information please take a moment to read the details available here:


    If you have any other issues or concerns you can always post back.

  • Ah, OK, I thought as it was on the BD TS GUI it was linked to the computer. I have enabled it and it looks good, but how do I use it for more than one FB account as my other half also has a FB account she accesses from this computer. Trying to set it up from the free link just takes me to my account.

  • Thanks Georgia, that's great to hear.

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    @Rohugh: Please be advised that Bitdefender provides free SafeGo monitor directly from Facebook apps. Therefore, each family member can login to his/her Facebook account and then search for the Bitdefender SafeGo app, then click on Allow Extra Permissions.

    Alternatively, they can go to https://apps.facebook.com/bd-safego/ after logging into their Facebook accounts to install our Facebook monitor.

    @error-id10t You're welcome. :)

  • Thank you Georgia - I will go do it for her, more certain that way. ;)

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    With pleasure, Rohugh. Just let me know if you need further guidance with this.

    Have a nice evening!

  • So this has picked up 2 possible infections. One I was happy with it (facebook colour changer) the other looks like a false-positive but either way, nice it's picking them up. However, how do I now get rid off them? Both items remain under the infected items area and I cannot find an option to clear it.

    ie: once I've been notified and I've taken the action I believe necessary (warn others which is the only one), I should be able to clean them off the board.

  • You can not take an action as those are the links shared on your Facebook wall by your friends. What SafeGo does it act as an advisor, by simply marking the links you should not click on to avoid infecting your system.

    However, if you suspect that we wrongly marked a link as being infected, capture a screen shot of the entire link and attach it to your reply.

    Thank you.