Add Pin While Opening App

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security

please add pin to open mobile security app to prevent it from unauthorized access and add add feature to include more than one authorize numbers


  • Hello,

    If i understand correctly you would like that when you open the app , the input pin box should be shown to you ?

    Well the most important features are protected by the asking to input your pin. For example if you wan't to log-out of the app the pin is requested , as for any other changes you would like to make to the app., like for example change anti-theft settings.

    It's a more complicated issue , due to the fact that Bitdefender Mobile Security scans for apps. on-install and also malicious web pages. And any warning related to installed apps. in your notification bar will take you to see information about those apps. It will be hard every time an app is scanned and want to see information about in Clueful for example , to enter the pin every time.

    Anyway I'll forward these requests to the development team. The second one related to more than one buddy number is actually a great ideea .

    Best regards,