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Turn Off Network Discovery


I have installed Hava product that requiered network Discovery

How can I set BD Firewall rule to enable Network Discovery?

When the Firewall is on I can not use HAva product but when it off it work fine



  • Hi Yeche,

    Thank you for posting here. Regarding the issue you have, please follow the steps below:

    Open BitDefender - > from the top right corner go to Settings and choose

    Expert Mode - > go to the Firewall module.

    From that location go to the Settings tab - > Advanced Settings - > Check

    'Enable Internet Connection Sharing' and uncheck 'Block Port Scans'.

    Go to the Network tab - > at Trust Level choose 'Trusted Local', at Stealth

    choose 'Off' and at "Generic" set "Yes".

    Go to "Rules" - > click on 'Reset Rules' and then on "OK".

    Then go to the "Antivirus" module, the "Shield" tab and click on "Custom

    Level". Here UNcheck "Scan web (HTTP) traffic", "Scan Yahoo Messenger traffic"

    and "Scan Windows Live Messenger traffic".

    Restart your computer and test to see if the issue still occurs. In case it does, please post here your general hardware specs (CPU, RAM, System Type...). In order to see them, please right click on the MyComputer icon present on your desktop and choose Properties.

    Thank you!

  • How to do these settings in BitDefender Internet Security 2014? Thank you!

  • just
    edited May 2014
    Go to the Network tab - > at Trust Level choose 'Trusted Local', at Stealth choose 'Off' and at "Generic" set "Yes".

    Where is no such tab (Network tab) in the Internet Security 2013. So, where should I change the referred above settings?

    Thank you!