Exclusions Don't Work

soopytwist ✭✭
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Adding exclusions seems to be a complete waste of time. No matter what file I add to the exclusions it still gets scanned and blocked. What is the point of having it if it doesn't bloody work?!


Oh and turning off the AV doesn't work either, it still blocks my legitimate file from running. In fact it does nothing at all, the file doesn't run and neither does BD flash up a message.


  • soopytwist
    soopytwist ✭✭
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    Can't edit my own godam post.

    Adding the file to the firewall application rules to allow is also pointless as BD will then switch it from Allow to Deny by itself, completely ignoring what settings I put in.

    I applaud BD for it's incredibly high security making me feel pretty flipping safe on the craphole that is the internet but seriously? A file I know is clean and BD refuses to allow my changes as if it thinks I'm to stupid to make those kind of decisions?

    BitDefender is retarded.