Problems With 'total Security 2015" Registration On Second Computer


I have recently purchased "total security 2015" for 1 year - 3 pc , to replace my old "internet security 2014", which was also installed on two computers : one in the UK, second one in Romania. No problem with installation and activation last year...

This time though, I managed to activate the one on the computer here in UK, but my family (in Romania) cannot activate their copy... they tried and tried again, got all sort of messages, but the latest one says :

"The license key is restricted in your region and can't be used to register the product you have installed. Contact support to get help with this issue"

I mean...IS THIS A JOKE ? what does "restricted in your region" mean ???????

And what has to be done to sort this out, because the "region " thing is utterly unacceptable !!!!

thank you


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