Constant Port Scan Notifications

Running on Windows 7, full protection enabled, I just replaced my motherboard on the weekend. Windows is re-activated, no other issues that I can see.

Since replacing the motherboard, I've been getting almost constant alerts of port scan attempts (last 30+ hours), . I have Block Port Scans enabled, but is there a way to stop the annoying notification popups? I cannot watch videos or play full-screen games without these popups interrupting.


  • Hello,

    While you have the Paranoid mode on those notifications cannot be stopped. You can either disable that mode or disable the Block Port Scans option.

    Please check the ip from which the notification is coming from, it might just be your router pinging your machine.

  • Paranoid mode is not on!

    Definitely not the router, they're all external addresses.

  • Same for me. I'm getting regular port scan pop ups coming in over the top of everything I'm doing, including 2 while I typed this message. Unfortunately every 'update' of bitdefender over the past few years appears to further reduce the user setting options and I can't find any relevant option in the settings or on the web. These pop ups are an unacceptable nuisance and I will move from bitdefender if I can't resolve it!!! (unhappy user :-( )