Firewall blocking ping from connection monitor program


I have Bitdefender mutlidevice installed on a Win 10 PC.

If I try to ping from command line it works OK.

When I use ConnectionMonitor program ( to monitor my Internet connection and some sites uptime all the urls including google do not answer. If I stop the Bitdefender firewall the ping to all urls works OK.

Ping to ConnectionMonitor devices connected to the local network work OK.

I have included in the rules connectionmonitor.exe as allowed on all networks all protocols.

In the general rules I see a rule blocking incoming icmp requests but nothing about icmp outgoing requests.

My Ethernet adapter is set to Home/Office stealth mode Off Generic Off

Windows Network is set to Private

How can I see in a log what is going wrong and what should I do to Bitdefender configuration to have this working properly?

Tip? The file name of the exe ion disc includes capital letters: ConnectionMonitor.exe, once the rule is created in Bitdefender tue capital letters are replaced by non capital like this: connectionmonitor.exe. Does this explain the problem?




  • Hello,


    Do you have any other security solutions installed on that machine ?

    Have you tried disabling the router's firewall to see if there is a conflict ?

    The reason I am asking is that I have downloaded the application and received the green checkmark for Google without changing any settings in Bitdefender.

  • Hi Sorin,

    There are no other security solutions installed to my knowledge. But who knows ?

    Disabling the router firewall does not make any change.

    But considering that I can ping from command line works and that it does not from ConnectionMonitor, it seems to me that the problem is not a complete blocking of ICMP or any other ping related feature, but something related to ConnectionMonitor. And I fell the router cannot make the difference. Considering that it works on your configuration and that disbling Bitdefender firewall removes the problem I guess there is something related to Bitdefender parametrization in my installation.

    Is there a way to see in a log if and why Bitdefender blocked those pings?

  • Hi,


    I have tried another utility: Net Uptime Monitor (

    This ones works with no problem once the program is added to the Ransomware protection whitelist.

    What Connection Monitor does which Bitdefender does not like?

  • Hello,


    This may sound silly but please create a copy of the application and move it to another partition or folder and see if it works then.

    Should the issue still persist please contact our support team via [email protected] with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool to see if everything is okay as on our test beds everything went proper.

  • Hi,

    Per your suggestion I have copied the exe to another partition on another disk. This did not resolve the problem.

    I will then contact the support team as suggested.

    Many thanks

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