Cannot Access Homegroup With Bitdefender 2016

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I have BD 2016 TS installed on all my home Laptops.

I have also created a homegroup and joined the other machines. But with BD Firewall, i am unable to access the other laptops.

Settings common across machines

1) Firewall Wifi - Stealth off, Generic on. and set to Home/Office.

2) Ransomware, Intrusion detection, Antivirus etc are all on and set to their maximum settings

3) Autopilot is on. Paranoid mode is off.

BD is the only AV in my system. All computers are Windows 10 x64 Pro editions.

In the computer, all laptops have a default profile of 'Private' in the Wireless settings in Windows 10. IPv6 is enabled.


  • Sorin G.

    Hello Mirage22,

    Please let me know if you disable the Bitdefender Firewall are you able to access the Home Group ?

  • Growler
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    I quite frankly am surprised this is still an issue.  A quick search shows posts on Bitdefenders own forums relating to this issue dating all the way back to 2012.  So it's not like Bitdefender don't already know about it.

    I have Bitdefender on 4 devices.  All of them Windows 10.  The only way I can get Homegroup to work is to either;

    (A) turn off Bitdefender Firewall, or

    (B) go to the Firewall > Adapters tab > "WiFi adapter" at "Network Type" select "Home/Office" > at "Stealth Mode" select "Off" > at "Generic" select "On".

    However my understanding is that by doing this it then treats my WiFi adapter as "Home/Office" for all connections including Public connections (say a coffee shop).  Can someone confirm this is the case?  Considering 3 of these devices are laptops that travel, most of their WiFi connections are to public networks.  If this is the case, would this then be considered a security issue?

    As such I consider Bitdefender Firewall to be a non-functioning module of Bitdefender as it simply does not work with a core functionality of the OS it is installed on, and I go with option (A).

    What is disappointing is the vast number of non-computer savvy users (like my mother) who have wasted hours and hours of their life trying to troubleshoot "Homegroup", not realising it is their 3rd party security solution causing the issues.  It is problems like this that push average users to Apple.


    BTW... if I wish to use go with option (A) above... and turn off BD Firewall (so I can use "Homegroup" without having to have all of my public WiFi connections considered trusted as "Home/Office" by my firewall)... I ALSO CANNOT USE "BD AUTOPILOT" as autopilot automatically re-enables Firewall.

    So now I also losing BD functionality

  • Sorin G.



    The Firewall functions as intended. You cannot access the homegroup resources when not on the network where the homegroup was created.

    You can change the Adapter's setting to Public when you connect to a coffee shop wireless network and change it back when at home or on a safe network. 

    Regardless, the Home/Office setting does not pose a security threat even on coffee shop networks, it is a more relaxed setting however it does not sacrifice protection.

  • Hi Sorin,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. It's interesting to find out that home/office provides a similar level of protection to public. I had tried to find a good explanation of the different profiles online and in your forums, however I could find nothing in detail. Thank you for explaining this.

    Your solution to continuously enter into BD > modules > firewall settings > adapters and change adapters settings back and forth between public and home every time is unworkable considering I am constantly using my laptop between the two. It kinda defeats the autopilot function and automated silent security that BD is espousing. Would it not be better to create a rule that automatically recognises a home network and automatically changes profile OR a firewall rule that allows homegroup connections through to avoid constantly changing settings?

    Finally I've got to say that once again I am surprised that I have privately received a demerit point and warning from yourself for my posts. I haven't used bad language, been rude, or attacked anyone. Merely tried to provide feedback on your product and assistance to others. When you search for this topic on Google a number of results showing different threads shows up. I replied on 3 of them with information that I hoped future searchers such as might find useful.

    Kind regards.

  • Sorin G.



    At this time there is no option that allows the auto pilot to change between adapter modes. I will take this as a feature request and forward the feedback.

    The warning point received is for Spamming the forum, you posted in 3 different locations the same information. (each location for a different product). While I understand that you found the threads via Google, its best to use the search function to search each product section individually (2016 for example) instead of the whole forum.