BD2017 blocks my email

I just installed BitDefender Total Security 2017 on my Windows 10 computer. Instantly my Thunderbird email client lost the ability to either send or receive emails.  I disabled the BD Antispam Toolbar in Thunderbird, but the only thing that allows me to send or receive emails is to completely disable Bitdefender real-time protection, which of course is not good. 

I checked Bitdefender Firewall settings, it shows thunderbird.exe as "allow".

What do I need to do?




  • Hello,


    Please contact our support team via [email protected] with the logs from the Bitdfender Support Tool attached.

    Please also provide them with a screenshot if Thunderbird is giving any error messages.

  • I tried the Bitdefender "repair" option (under Windows control panel uninstall options) and that did not seem to change anything.  In desperation I tried changing security settings for my pop servers in Thunderbird, and found that for one of my servers, changing security from SSL/TLS to STARTTLS allowed them to work.  But nothing helped my Gmail popmail accounts in Thunderbird.  Until today when I let Windows 10 go ahead and apply the Creators Update.  After that, with no more changes, my Gmail popmail accounts began working again.  So, I don't know why it got fixed, but all the components seem to be playing well together again, so I'm ok.


  • Hello,


    I'm glad to hear that the situation has been resolved.


  • On 4/22 my problem started again: Thunderbird could not retrieve my Gmail while Bitdefender was active.  Again, nothing that I tried helped.

    Today, 4/24, I had a Bitdefender notification that an update required a restart to complete.  After that, all is well!  Seems like a good update!


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