Splitting a Bitdefender Central account's PCs

Some time ago, I bought a 3-PC subscription for Antivirus Plus and installed it on three PCs. I registered with Bitdefender Central which ties all three PCs together. Now I want to give one of the PCs to someone else and isolate that PC from the others with respect to Bitdefender. When the subscription expires, should I buy another 3-PC subscription, create a new Bitdefender Central account, and register the two PCs with that new account to isolate my PC from the other PC? Or will I need to uninstall Antivirus Plus on the two PCs and reinstall it?


  • Here is the thing , before the anti-virus expires there will be an automatic pop-up that will remind you about it and also it will you give you an ability to use the same account

    Another is on the Bitdefender central on the devices, you can isolate your third pc because their an option to remove the following device to your Bitdefender Central.

    For more information, try to contact their chat support they are really helpful. default_happy.png https://www.bitdefender.com/support/contact-us.html