Rescue mode not working

I'm just installing bitdefender on my system, while installing it was scanning and during the scan I was asked to go into rescue mode, I'm in the rescue mode but it's just a blank screen I've been seeing 


  • Hello,


    Can you please provide more details on the situation.

    What operating system are you running on your machine ?

    Is your device a laptop or desktop ?

    Are you able to provide me with a picture of that screen ?

  • I'm running on windows 10, laptop and it's just a black or blank screen..

  • Hello,


    Under Windows 10 the product uses the Windows Recovery Environment which in turn is dependent on the  Recovery Partition.

    Have you upgraded that laptop from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10 ?

  • Yes... From 7 to 10...its been long tho 

  • I'll post some pictures... How it happened