Installer Hangs at 93%....

Today, BD 2018 continuously attempted to start following continuously experiencing a "fatal error." (auto messages sent to BD).

So, I uninstalled, and reinstalled BD Family. The reinstall process worked (download, install, scan, login to account) up to the point shown in the attached screen capture. There it appears to have hung. There is no indication of progress.

Running fully up to date Win 10 Version 1709 (build 6299.125), Windows Defender protections are turned off. No other applications were in progress (are in progress except this browser session).

Sorry, error -200 when attempting to upload 1.3 Mb *.PNG file multiple times. Groan. Hard to have confidence in a product that can't even do to the simple stuff.



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    Same problem here, with BitDefender Total Security 2018. (And I've been using BitDefender for many years, have installed it literally over a hundreds times on systems for myself, friends, family, clients).

    This morning when I booted my PC it was just like every other morning, except that BitDefender popped up an alert that it couldn't start, prompted me to restart it. Since restarting BD did not work, I rebooted the system, made sure Windows 10 and all software / drivers fully updated, yet still BD wouldn't start.

    So I did a complete uninstall of BD and it's components right from Windows Control Panel. Rebooted, again checked for any Windows updates etc...

    Then logged into BD Central and started a fresh install.

    It's been stuck at 93% for about 40 minutes now. Guess I'll attempt to abort / re-install.

    Side note - also just replaced my phone, uninstalled BD and removed the old phone instance from BD Central, trying to re-install BD mobile app on my Droid and it says can't sign in, try again. Hitting try again does the same thing.

    So I've done everything from checking the other 2 PC's in my home running BD Total Security 2018 (and they're fine) to changing the DNS on my router to Google's public DNS and rebooting the router.

    It would *seem* that an update to BD during the past 14 hours has created a bug. I keep all of my systems / devices fully updated and even check for O/S updates manually every day. The problem is definitely not my high-end system - Win 10 Pro, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Intel Core i7-4712HQ Quad-Core 8-Thread CPU.


    Using Bitdefender Total Security. Paying BD customer since 2012

  • Puzzled
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    I gave up waiting after over an hour, and rebooted system. BD would start, but would not allow me to start the tools. Right clicked on BD icon and ran system scan. Came back with no problems. Rebooted system. Now, everything APPEARS to be working normally, but I don't know how to tell. Says "device is protected," but can you believe a crazy person when they say they are sane? Still don't know what the original problem was that caused this series of unfortunate events. All appears to be okay, but that could simply be placebo.

    And Dave, how come you can upload the screen capture, but I can't. :- ) Thanks. That's the one. Odd, same pic you see in the BD installation help video cover icon. Maybe that is as far as it goes. LOL

  • And the saga continues...

    After waiting an hour at 93% I finally rebooted.

    After reboot BD popup tells me to enter activation code (tells me go search my email for it) despite the fact that my PC is listed in My Devices list in BD Central (unprotected).

    I somehow got past the popup asking me for the Activation Code before needing to enter it, but...

    Now "Tools" will not enable, and it says not to restart. WTF?


    Using Bitdefender Total Security. Paying BD customer since 2012

  • Hello, 


    If the issue with the missing tools persists after an update and reboot, please send us an email at [email protected] and our team will help you solve this issue. 


  • Puzzled
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    Great, now another one of my computers running Windows 7 got the "fatal error" bug. Oy!

    AnotherDave, thanks for adding in the screenshot on the tool issue. I had that one also. After a couple of reboots, that one seemed to self heal. The problem with that is the same as the problem with the hang at 93%; in both cases it is impossible to tell if everything is running as it should be.

    Hey Sergiu, maybe you could tell us why the fatal error in the first place? Then, maybe you could tell us why a reinstall hangs at 93%?

  • Nasty Pirate
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    I had the same issue yesterday. Stuck at 93% rebooted and weird behavior from BD IS 2018. I opened a ticket to support and the said they had some serious update crash on their servers. So now I uninstalled and trying installation again.

    EDIT: Installation hangs again at 93%. This time it did the configuration but BD IS cannot enable advanced thread defense for some reason. See photo. Seriously if this thing goes on, I'm getting rid of BD altogether.


  • Further info on my case: After rebooting the services do load up, albeit a LOT slower, to the point that until they load up windows reports that there is no AV installed. But! In outlook, for instance, when I try to send/receive new mails, I get a warning that a certificate is not valid. I click on details and see the certificate issuer is BitDefender and the problem is that it cannot be found!!! That's what a 93% installation hang does...

  • Hello,


    Best that you contact our support team at [email protected] with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.

    At first glance I believe you have leftovers from a previous security solution. Our team will be able to be certain after investigating the logs.

  • Don't know about you other guys, but my logs and stuff are now all purged and ancient history.

    As a point of interest, regarding the idea that there are issues with a prior security solution, the only solution that would be is BD itself. And, this occurred with a clean install during a rebuild of my machine, and after doing an uninstall of BD using a downloaded copy of the BD uninstall program, and a new reinstall.

    Of course, things continue to get even more interesting, I'm going to see if I can append a screen shot of blocked access to the BD website with error code: DLG_FLAGS_INVALID_CA, "This site is not secure." HaHaHa5a7c9562d2224_BDSiteNotSecure.thumb.PNG.8c92bc6419d19314d556de7adbf7d981.PNG

  • @Bitdefender Support

    Please stop saying nonsense like leftover installation issues. I've only been using BD IS on a clean install. There never was a different IS in my computer for the past 4 years I've been using BD.

    Installation still hangs at 93%. As of now, I've cancelled my auto-renewal and uinstalled BD.

  • As a point of reference, since all of this started, my computer is continuously struggling with security certificates. Otherwise, most things now seem to be working, but again, is there any way to know if BD is working at all? Does anyone have some kind of test code that allows you to confirm that "all systems are go?"

  • Hi, 


    You can try downloading the tests files from here: . None of the files are actually malicious and are commonly used to test if antivirus solutions work. 

  • Hello,


    Please disable the Firefox master password and retry the Bitdefender install.

  • will try this if i install again and have same issue, thanks for this info

  • Confirm. Disabling firefox's master password solves the problem.