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  • Updated my second system and got a 13 minute 40 second update time. No reboot required. Much longer than the times that caused me to complain in the first place. So it's obvious the only solution is to search for another security suite that can be trusted and isn't a system hog.  Bitdefender will not get one more penny from me.....






  • Hi folks, chiming back in. Problem is definitely NOT solved. Updates are taking extremely long, making the system vulnerable. Especially if you don't use a system on a daily basis, which puts you behind quite a few updates or if you newly intalled a system.

    Tried to figure out what happens: The updateservice contacts global AWS-locations withing Bitdefenders AWS-subscription and then it goes awfully quiet. Either the updates are not there or the limits of the subscription are being hit. I'm assuming the first isn't true since users are getting updates after 10+ mins. From my perspective, BD probably hit a datacap on traffic out of AWS. I'm guessing BitDefender got in a lot of extra customers but didn't scale accordingly. This creates a security threat for all of us.

    Either way, a month into this problem and no ETA is unacceptable and does damage Bitdefender's image and reliability (and ultimately their credibility as an antimalware vendor).

    With 20 days left in my BitDefender subscription after a mostly pleasent couple of years of using BD products, I think it is time to move to a new solution.

    Take care all, I sincerely hope this gets resolved quickly for the ones which are a long way from an expiring subscription.

  • Hi, 


    A small update here: We have managed to reproduce the issue internally. I do not have an ETA for a fix at this time, however the fact that we now have test machines on which the issue is occurring should help our team pinpoint the cause of the issue faster. 

    Also, regarding the post on the first page which mentioned that an issue regarding updates was fixed, please note that it was referring to a different issue (also reported in this thread) that was present for less than a day. I apologize for any confusion created. 

    I will edit the first post to reflect that this thread is currently being used to investigate the situation with updates taking more than 10 minutes to complete. 

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    Thanks for this update and information, Sergiu. It's good to hear that it's happening on your test machines as well, to be able to help track down what's causing this issue.There is hope :) 

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    /index.php?/profile/212852-sergiu-c/" data-ipshover-target="https://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?/profile/212852-sergiu-c/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="212852" rel="">@Sergiu C.

    Just to echo what /index.php?/profile/4566-columbo/" data-ipshover-target="https://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?/profile/4566-columbo/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="4566" rel="">@columbo has already said: "Thank you for the update."  I am really happy that your team was able to replicate this issue which has been a real nuisance.

    Hopefully, it can be fixed expeditiously, because this has been going on now for some time.

    Have a great weekend.



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    Well I guess that's some good news and the communication is nice to see. At least they have managed to reproduce the issue. I'll remain cautiously optimistic but I got this on my Win 7 machine during a 10 minute update. Not sure what's going on but it could help explain the long update times........

    BD 030918-1.png

  • I'm having the same constant and lengthy BD update issue.  I don't reckon BD 2018 was ready for release. Full of bugs.

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    Well I finally gave up and deinstalled BitDefender. Despite the efforts on the side of the BitDefender team, I do feel this has taken way too long now.

    With just 11 days left in my subscription, I won't make a big deal out of it even though the product is not working as advertised.

    I can imagine not everyone feels the same way about this, I hope it gets resolved quickly now for those folks.

    For me, this is too little too late and my only option was deinstalling and buying a competing, 100% working product.

    Maybe I'll be back in a year, we' ll see.

  • BD team - is there any update on the fix for these constant and lengthy updates? Certainly doesn't seem fixed.

  • Hi, 


    We don't have any further info at this time.

  • Wow. I would not be too hasty to uninstall BitDefender simply because updates are taking a while. Slow updating does not take away from the fact that BitDefender is an excellent security solution. Taking time to resolve this speed problem may simply suggest that BitDefender,s techies are working on a solution rather that merely patching things as others do. We are all aware that patched items tend to need ongoing patches. I would much rather a solution. I have tried all the major security providers over many years and BitDefender is simply miles ahead.



  • BD team - what is the latest please? The length of the updates seems to have come down a bit but the regularity of the updates seems unchanged. A couple of days ago I had to reboot my system a couple of times for various reasons and I got another BD update every time.

  • On 2/4/2018 at 9:59 AM, Hitbit said:

     I have tried all the major security providers over many years and BitDefender is simply miles ahead.



    I agree with you and I wonder about the reaction to this bug. They acknowledge the issue so they have to prioritize it and patch. This means that they are working on it: but be honest: this kind of issue can't have high priority for the fact that is a non blocking one! They are updating frequently to guarantee high protection level...so what's the matter? The fact that the program itself needs ten minutes to install a signature update with a low cpu usage? I observed the behaviour in the task manager while updating: cpu usage is always low on my Ryzen CPU...disk activity is much higher during the first few secs while update task is running....then goes low...network activity is too low (that's the issue)...few bytes exchanged to download signatures...it may involve some infrastructure configuration as well as some software bugs. I'm sure they will fix but let them work patiently. Even with this bug they are protecting tons of pc around the globe, keeping high scores each time their security suite has been tested by test sites.....these are my first three months with Bitdefender after years of other competitors AV...when I opened an issue a month ago about a failed update in this forum they react quickly...and it was a blocking one! That's great, at least IMHO :)

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    I just wanted to share with you the following email that I received from Bitdefender Technical Support yesterday, with respect to the open ticket that I have with them over the slow update issue.



    Thank you for your patience in this situation.

    This is a follow-up email regarding the bug report that you have sent us. I would like to inform you that our developing team is still working on fixing the situation and it’s taking a bit more than usual. As previously mentioned, the fix will be automatically released through product updates, with no other actions requested from your side.

    Please let us know if you would still like to receive updates about this case in the future. 


    I replied that I would like to be kept informed.

    So I guess we keep waiting ...

    Have a great day.




  • garioch7
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    I just received a further update today in response to my support ticket.



    Dear customer,


    Thank you for waiting this out.

    Please be advised that the long update time was solved server side, but that it might take a few days for it to propagate through the DNS servers. 

    Feel free to reach out to us should you require further assistance.


    Georgiana CIURESCU

    Senior Technical Support Engineer


    That is great news and hopefully, by the weekend, this long-lived, nuisance issue will belong to the past! :)



  • Thank you for corresponding back and forth with Support, and keeping us in touch regarding this, Phil :)

  • Thanks for the update but geez they couldn't have figured a server problem out a long time ago? It was stated here before.

  • On 25.04.2018 at 6:00 AM, daman1 said:

    Thanks for the update but geez they couldn't have figured a server problem out a long time ago? It was stated here before.

    I think so, the priority was for corporate clients)

  • Marking this thread as "fixed" since the issue was resolved. I'd like to thank everyone for helping us identify and investigate this issue!

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