Add time to my subscription

Hello! I need little help.

My current subscription still have 160 days remaining but this weekend I received an offer and I bought one more year but when I try to activate I always prompt to replace my subscription instead adding time. Is there any way to add time to my current subscription?



  • Hi, 

    If the 2 subscriptions are for the same product type and number of devices, they should be extended, regardless of the message you receive. 

    I would recommend sending an email at [email protected] regarding this, and my colleagues can make sure the merge between the subscription goes OK. 


  • I think its same product e version, but I'll check it again. 

    Anyway I'll send email. Thanks Sergiu!

  • I have the same problem. My existing license will expire in 406 days and if I tried to activate the new license I get a message that says that the new license will replace the old license!

  • Hi Stephen,


    Please contact us at [email protected] and our team will help you to merge the subscriptions.

  • StephenP
    edited December 2018

    I activated my new license and when I clicked on "replace" my existing license the two licenses did in fact merge and the new license duration was added to the existing license. In the past I was certain that there was a different message that said replace or merge the new and old licenses.

    My problem is now resolved, can you please close this problem.

  • Hi Stephen, 

    Thank you for letting us know. 

    Have a great day!

  • Switchblade
    edited December 2018

    I sent an e-mail to bitsy over 2 weeks ago, received one reply where they said they were "checking"... then nothing. No reply, no support. At this point I'm considering cancelling any membership I have with Bitdefender.Case 2018112401560001.