VPN automatic startup


I've upgraded to Premium VPN but cannot get the VPN to connect automatically on startup despite this being configured in the settings. I have to manually connect every time. How can I configure the VPN to start with Windows?

I'm also not seeing a VPN icon in the system tray. Is this correct?

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  • I'll bump this.  I'd like to do the same, have the VPN auto-connect at start up is there anyway to do this?  I have the run at startup and Task Manager shows a BD vpn is loaded and taking some memory but it is not connected to a server I have to do manually.

  • Hello,

    The Startup/Automatically Launch option only configures the VPN application to run at startup. It does not set it up so that it automatically connects to a VPN server. 

    The VPN will only reconnect automatically if you put the device in a Sleep or Hibernate state while the VPN is connected, or when connecting to an insecure network.

  • My network on startup is insecure, so why is the VPN not connecting automatically?