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Password-protected files prevent Scans from completing


Every time this popup occurs during a scan, I keep replying "do not process any password-protected files". I would have assumed this is a permanently remembered reply, since there is no Settings option to let me force it. But it apparently is NOT REMEMBERED.

Consequently, every time my daily or weekly scan runs into one of these file, the popup message occurs and the scan will not proceed until I respond. Of course the scans are run in the middle of the night while I sleep, so I can't respond until the next morning at the earliest. So the scan doesn't complete for an indefinite period, like 14 hours!!

This is crazy. Either (a) add a settings option in "manage scans" so that I can specify permanently to skip password protected files, or (b) add a checkbox on the popup dialog to allow me to indicate here that I don't want to see this message again and to permanently remember my choice.




  • DSperber

    So, is there any way to prevent this from happening constantly whenever a scan is performed?

    Is there a setting somewhere to just ALWAYS force skipping of password-protected items??

    Seems common sense you shouldn't let the scan sit there indefinitely awaiting a keyboard response from the user for a scan very likely running overnight.

  • Hello,

    We have submitted your feature request to the development team! This feature is indeed worth taking into account in order to avoid the exact scenario you have reported.

    Thank you for your feedback, /index.php?/profile/216340-dsperber/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="216340" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/216340-dsperber/" rel="">@DSperber!

  • DSperber
    DSperber ✭✭✭
    edited May 2020

    Is this ever going to be addressed and corrected?

    It continues to occur, every week when my Custom System Scan runs overnight Saturday. I come to the PC sometime on Sunday and there is this still open window expecting me to respond to it. I don't understand what's happening, because when I finally click on "ignore this one and never bother me again about any further password protected files" it finally finishes, but not before I notice that hundreds of password protected files have already been discovered. So why did just this latest one hang things up awaiting my input?

    Anyway, I know you said you passed the request to development, but they have obviously ignored the obvious need for a solution here. Either (a) have a checkbox to "remember my choice" and NEVER EVER bother me again about such a situation, and/or (b) provide a Settings option so that I can permanently opt-out of scanning password-protected files.

    Even more BROKEN is the fact that I can customize my custom scan setup to actually UN-CHECK THE FOLDER CONTAINING THE PASSWORD-PROTECTED FILE, AND IT IS APPARENTLY IGNORED!!! Even though that folder is supposed to be ignored per my setup and never scanned, nevertheless the password-protected file within that folder continues to hang up the scan just exactly as if I'd never un-checked that folder in the setup! SOMETHING IS BROKEN HERE AS WELL, even with existing functionality clearly intended for me to leave out the folder from my scan!

    Again, it is plain stupid to leave the program running and never finishing for hours or days with an open window on the screen expecting a human response that will never come for hours or days, if ever! This is ridiculous design, and you know it.


  • DSperber
    DSperber ✭✭✭

    This nonsense continues to persist, six months after "idea submitted to development team".

    The custom system scan "stalls" awaiting for my response to the password protected file... FOREVER!!

    And while this situation exists I cannot start/login Team Viewer on this machine, nor can I reach this machine using Team Viewer from another machine. In fact this dumb issue is so well known that in frustration, Team Viewer trying unsuccessfully to start on this machine actually pops up a message box saying "Team Viewer has discovered that BitDefender is running on this machine and might be responsible for preventing Team Viewer from starting. Please check..." blah, blah blah.

    Don't you have any appreciation of the magnitude of this design defect? I'm going to reply IGNORE THE CURRENT PASSWORD PROTECTED FILE, and also IGNORE ALL FUTURE PASSWORD PROTECTED FILES. Why do I have to reply manually every week when this custom scan runs?

    Why can't I just check a new SETTING to make this always happen? Or why can't you offer "remember this choice and don't ever bother me again" during the scan?

    What is wrong with you? Don't you appreciate how unacceptable this longstanding current implementation is, which allows your scan to remain active and running indefinitely (for hours or days or weeks), hanging up other things on the system including access to/from the machine from/to the internet using Team Viewer?


  • zdvdla

    What are you guys doing to fix this!!??

    We paid for your software and this extremely undesirable issue was NOT disclosed to me when I bought it.

    Had I known that I MUST sit in front of the computer and watch the software run so I can enter things to keep it going, I would have NEVER bought it. That feature alone makes this product virtually useless.

    I also noted that you guys do not put the year associated with complaints made in this forum.

    I guess that I am to assume that it possibly will take until the next year to help paying customers when they have issues with your product.


  • DSperber
    DSperber ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020

    So my weekly Saturday morning custom system scan runs at 9AM. I've been away from the computer until just now, which is around 5AM on Sunday morning.

    The following "stall" in the scan occurred about 5 minutes in, at about 9:05AM YESTERDAY MORNING. It's been sitting there awaiting my input response for the past 20 hours! I of course am now going to tick the radio button that says "skip this and all other password-protected files without scanning them", and it will resume and finish up quietly in a little while. But just this week's scan is impacted. Next Saturday's scan will run into exactly the same obstacle, and will again await my console response, if/whenever that occurs.

    Why can't this issue be addressed by development? Either/or/and... (a) add a "and remember this option forever" to the message dialog box", or (b) add an additional setting to the "manage scans" dialog where I set up and customize my scans, to request this very decision, that password protected files are to be ignored.

    Either way, this problem would go away. It is a real problem.

  • jitzy

    Typical Bitdefender.

    Takes ages to fix a real issue!!!!

  • jitzy

    I was thinking of coming back to bitdefender since 2018. Guess I'll stick to what I'm using right now!!!

    All these years and these guys have the same shady support!!!

  • DSperber
    DSperber ✭✭✭

    Coming up on Labor Day, so we're now EIGHT MONTHS IN to this issue being reported here on this forum and acknowledged by Alex of BitDefender staff as a "very reasonable idea", and "submitted to development".

    And there is STILL NO FIX.

    And every Saturday morning when my weekly Custom System Scan runs on each of my five PC's (which have many of the same folders which contain some password protected files) I pay a visit to all of them sometime late in the day, only to discover that all of them have been sittings with this stupid dialog on the screen for the past 20 hours, waiting for me to respond "JUST IGNORE THIS AND ALL OTHER PASSWORD PROTECTED FILES".

    Is it really possible that the senior design staff of this company cannot appreciate the foolishness of the current implemenation of program response to this situation? How many times does it have to be brought up? Just build a setting to let me pre-state that I want all password protected files ignored. Is that more than a 10 minute coding change? Or, how about a check box on the popup dialog that allows me to specify "remember my choice, and from now and forever always ignore password protected files". Maybe a 30 minute coding change.

    You guys should really be ashamed that this issue has gone reported and un-fixed for almost 9 months now. It is a perfectly legitimate complaint about an obviously stupid program design deficiency, that somebody overlooked in building a proper way to deal with this perfectly normal situation.

    Come on guys. Earn your salary and my annual maintenance fee for the 20-seats I pay you money for.

  • StepNjump

    I think bitdefender is a really nice company.

    Very seldom do users ever get replies as this one. They said they would look into it. They even said your suggestion made a lot of sense!

    What are you expecting? overnight turn-around???

    I'm a new bitdefender user and I think they are awesome to answer you.

  • DSperber

    I first reported this back in January 2020. It is now a year later. Nothing has been done.

    They have brought out a MAJOR PRODUCT UPGRADE this year, going from version 24 to 25. Totally revised main GUI. So clearly they do do development.

    This is a ridiculous product defect, especially when you have machines that are largely unattended. If the system scan that triggers the onscreen STALL occurs early on Saturday morning and you don't get to look at that computer until Tuesday, this silly onscreen message box is presented for three days!!! It shouldn't be presented AT ALL!!!

    Every time it pops up I reply the same way: IGNORE IT, AND ALL LIKE IT FOR THE REST OF THIS SCAN!!! I do this every week... for a year now.

    Why does it happen at all? Ridiculous! Either (a) offer to remember my reply for now and forever going forward, or (b) provide a Setting where I can specify this is the program behavior I want. That is exactly what Settings are for, to conrtol program behavior in some A-or-B-or-C way. You know that as well as I do.

    It's incomprehensible that anybody, much less a developer who wrote this functionality, would not realize the consequences of not dealing with it properly and acceptably... for the user, and for the objective purpose of the test in the first place. Their developers acknowledged way back earlier this year "hey, yeah, that's a great idea". And it does fix the stupid onscreen message of ours that stalls the program and prevents completing (and possibly discovering other much more serious infections or conditions) for maybe days or weeks!!

    THIS IS JUST STUPID PROGRAMMING. Great product overall, but this defect is just dumb and unnecessary. It needs to be fixed.

    And after waiting almost a year for it to be fixed, and it's still not fixed, we users (who pay annual ongoing licensing fees by the seat and expect reasonable program support) have a right to feel this particular issue has NOT been properly responded to. At least I'm super P'O'd every Monday when I have to reply "ignore" to the scan that started two days earlier and has been stalled for two days, never possibly catching other worthy problems until Monday.