Excessive Bitdefender CPU usage while using VPN Unlimited

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I have a question. 

Most probably, a lot of BitDefender users have various kinds of VPN services. I have a few VPN apps, but...

Only(!) when I use the specific one vpn - VPN Unlimited - my Total Security Bitdefender 2020 goes nuts and puts so much stress on the computer's CPU.

CPU - because of Bitdefender - goes from about 3% to 45% with VPNUnlimited and that usage never ends. And it only occurs when I use VPN Unlimited.

I've contacted VPN Unlimited and they told me to put their app in Bitdefender's exception list. I've added VPN Unlimited into three BD exception list - Antivirus, Firewall, Advanced Threat Defence but my CPU usage did not change - it remained the same. 

I wonder if someone from Bitdefender could help me with my constantly-high CPU usage - because of Bitdefender - while I'm using VPN Unlimited.


Thank you


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