Unable to remove Virus from PC or Android phone

i have a sample virus from my Android phone in my PC. Bitdefender does not identify it as malware but in virus total few of well known does. How to fix this problem?



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    Kindly understand, bitdefender has removed its android engine from virustotal. Hence, you will not see any detection related android under bitdefender engine on virustotal. The only way to scan file is via the mobile security itself.

    If the sample is not detected by mobile security, you can share the sample with malware research team directly through online forum https://www.bitdefender.com/submit/

    If the file is indeed malicious detection will be created in maximum of 72 hours. If even after 72 hours the detection is not available, then you should assume that the file is not considered as malicious by bitdefender researchers despite of other AV vendors detecting it.

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