Notification for ads / filesharing / onlineshop searches on my kids' ipads

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I am receiving several notifications in Bitdefender Central

These notification are like this :

"XXXX a lancé une recherche sur ads" (in french)

so it will something like "XXXX has launched a search on ads" in English

I have this for ads / onlineshop / filesharing

I thought it was due to ads in games they are playing BUT I saw that activity during the night.

I made a Google searches, and even here, to have more details but I found NOTHING

First the notification is not clear : is it something blocked by BitDefender ? Because I saw that it seems to be the categories used in filters...

Second, can I check in Bitdefender what app is doing this activity ??? Maybe it can be good to remove something doing unwanted activity on their iPad...



  • Hello @4get9 ,

    1. Visit
    2. Tap on Notification Bell icon on top right corner of the page
    3. It list all notifications
    4. Click on any notification that you like to see the details

    All details regarding that will be displayed.

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  • thank you

    but it is still light, I just got a short description of the detail but no detail (concerned app, clocked URL, ...)

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    Hi Member,

    Kindly share the image of your issue.



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