Why Bitdefender Free Antivirus not blocking some of the AMTSO Security Features test?

Hi Bitdefender Team,

1) Could you help to advise why Bitdefender Free Antivirus not blocking some of the AMTSO Security Features test in https://www.amtso.org/security-features-check/? It did not blocked nor advised to stop downloading. Microsoft Defender blocked all the tests.

2) Bitdefender Free Antivirus takes up more RAM space and processing power compare to Microsoft Defender and Karpasky Free Security Cloud.

3) Will Bitdefender Free Antivirus expire? Does it have same AV-Test and AV-Comparatives test results and effectiveness as per Bitdefender Internet Security?

Please help to advise and fix the issues.


  • Hello @AskingQuestions ,

    1. Bitdefender free security application has a realtime malware scanner and a web protection. What exactly was not blocked by Bitdefender in the AMTSO test?
    2. See few ram usage comparison: https://www.raymond.cc/blog/which-free-antivirus-is-the-lightest-on-system-memory-usage/
    3. Bitdefender free won’t expire. You can use it for your lifetime. Yes it has same kind of detection functionalities like its paid counterpart. Bitdefender member @Flex had already written about this in one of the forum post here in Bitdefender Expert community.

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    Can you update with the links that are not blocked by bitdefender as asked by co-member @Jayakrishnan



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