Bitdefender antivirus free edition installation error

Hello! How do you do sir? I wanted to try using Bitdefender antivirus free edition. But during the installation I faced some issues. When the installation was close to 90% it performs a rollback action due to installation error. And after that it says Error: Installer initialization failed or something. Before installing bitdefender I have already deleted other antvirus software and even manually checked and deleted the remaining folders. Can you plzz help solving this problem? Thank you.


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    As checked on personal basis, the issue is persisting with bitdefender free version. The issue has been reported to bitdefender support. As soon as there will be any update, this thread will be updated.

    Due to covid19 & less staff there might be delay in reply by bitdefender support.

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  • Yes. During the installation when bar is close to 90%. It says: system is roll backing due to installation error. After the roll back a new window opens and says, Error: Installer initialization failed. No one has faced this issue yet? am I the only one?

  • I've had exactly the same problem; I removed Avast and all of it's components using Revo, then tried to install Bitdefender free but got the same error messages. I have tried re-starts, system restore to a previous state and manually creating the folders/permissions for Bitdefender as detailed in another help thread; all with no luck. I was hoping to try the free version before going to the paid version as reviews of the product are generally good, but I'm starting to feel it might be more trouble than it's worth .....

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  • I have the same problem.. Been trying to install Bitdefender Free AV all day long! Keeps hanging (for more than an hour) at 96% until I cancel it then WAIT while it does a rollback so I can reboot. Tried the 'unblock' trick and run as administrator, but no luck. Only way I could find to uninstall it (they don't offer a tool for the free version) is via Control Panel. Now the program is no longer listed but the folder full of files is still there and I can't delete it! So I downloaded it again (3rd or 4th time today) and will go through it all again, then will try the Revo program you mentioned. I hope that will work so I can download something else! What a nightmare this has been!

  • *** UPDATE: Now when I try to install it I get an error that says, "Installer initialization failed"..... >:(