Can Password Manager Be Installed using (New) Edge Browser

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Windows 10 (1909)

Bitdefender Internet Security 2020

Microsoft Edge ( 80.0.361.69)

I notice that there isn't an option to install the Password Manager for the Edge browser. Is the Password Manager not compatible with the new Edge?


  • The new Edge browser is built upon Google Chrome, so will Bitdefender be supporting Password manager for the new Edge in the near future?

  • I had the same question about using the Wallet with the new Edge and found that you could install it from Google's Chrome web store. I've tested it on a few websites and it seems to work just as well as Google Chrome and Firefox.

  • @hitechms

    I just did a search for Bitdefender Wallet on Edge & I can't work out how you could of installed it for Microsoft Edge Browser. As far as I can tell, you can install it for Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer, but not Edge. I'd like to see a screenshot of it working in Edge. Here's some screenshots of search results I did for Bitdefender Wallet on chrome web store. The top one is using Edge, the bottom Firefox. Firefox finds it, Edge doesn't.

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    Hi Member,

    Bitdefender wallet in general is not available in search bar of chrome extension page until you have the direct link in most of the cases since the extension is installed by the bitdefender product. Below is the screenshot of bitdefender wallet installed on the new chromium edge.

    Also the bitdefender product will only install the wallet extension on google chrome, firefox & internet explorer. It will not work for old microsoft edge.

    To make it work for new chromium edge, just go to the link on your new chromium edge. Enable installation from chrome store on new microsoft chromium edge and the extension will be successfully installed.



    (BItdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

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