Netgear Armor

Hello, do you know if I can link my Bitdefender account to the Netgear Armor service?


  • Thanks Flexx,

    I have the Netgear Orbi system, and provided me with a trial of the Armor solution, that worked fine, but I have a 3 year subscription of Bitdefender, so that's the purpose of my question.

    I'm not sure if they are the same or if there are differences that makes it clear to keep one or the other.

    Do you might know who I might ask about it?

    I have even called the people from Netgear but they weren't of much help.


  • Does Bitdefender offer a router security software product? I have just installed a new Netgear router that has Netgear Armor which has a 30 day trial period activated.

    I want to protect two routers and internet of things in two separate houses plus all my families devices.

    Must I have two subscriptions (one for new router with Netgear Armor and one for existing plans with Bitdefender)?

    Would it be best to merge everything under Netgear Armor? Is there a procedure to do that merge?

    The most expensive option appears to be to subscribe to both and not co-mingle.

  • So, if I understand this, my three year subscription to TS will be essentially wasted if I buy an Armor subscription since that subscription also provides TS?

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