Bitdefender found this malware Gen:Variant.Razy.796481

Today, following a lecture online of my school this errore from bitdefender. I never had problem with virus and i never pushed some strange link.

file C:\Program Files (x86)\CCDC\rollbackBackupDirectory\C\Program Files (x86)\CCDC\Discovery_2019\Hermes\osgdb_freetype.dll è stato infettato con Gen:Variant.Razy.796481 ed è stato messo in quarantena. Si consiglia di eseguire una scansione di sistema per assicurarsi che il proprio sistema

It started to ping in that folder CCDC a lot with 20 spot and put all in quarantine and removed. After some 1 hour i got other allert for this malware.

I tryed with malwarebytes and emisoft emergency kit, they didn't found that malware after i quarantine that with bitdefender.

What could i do to remove that?? and be sure that it's not on my pc?


  • The same thing happens to me when I try to start XTU, Bitdefender tells me that: "DotNet tried to load a malicious resource detected as Gen: Variant.Razy.76052 and was blocked. Your device is safe."

    The ones that I usually access suspicious sites and download pirated games, but I got the XTU application from the official Intel site, so I don't see why it has a virus.

    I have heard that "Gen: Variant.Razy.76052" can be malware or just a program that helps an application such as XTU.

    In general, it's a false-positive because if I try to start XTU again, that message doesn't appear.

    In conclusion, you don't have much to fear only if it appears continuously and the computer starts to have virus symptoms.

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