Another day, Bitdefender VPN installs itself - AGAIN

edited February 11 in Install activation

After around 6 months of being Bitdefender VPN free (I do not want this app!) it has decided to install itself again on Windows 10 on all of my machines without my permission. A game of whack a mole, pretty ironic from an anti-virus product :(

So I'm uninstalling AGAIN - the message says Bitdefender VPN will be PERMANTLY removed.... place your bets...



  • Alex_AAlex_A ✭✭✭

    I bet on VPN this product, clumsy and slow as a snail, but as intrusive as a fly will still be present in your device

  • The installing of software without the user's consent is a serious breach trust. It has gotten to the point that I am seriously weighting whether or not to keep using Bitdefender. It keeps on installing itself the day after I uninstalled it. The crazy part to all of this is, I have a lifetime license to VPN unlimited made by Bitdefender, why do I need a second VPN from the same company?

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