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VPN error 9 - user authentication error on MAC


premium VPN used to work on my Mac.

However, today I could not connect the VPN server.. always got the "user authentication error" error code 9.

I re-login to the bitdefender.. restarted the Mac.. reinstalled the Bitbender suite.. none of them fixed the issue..


  • I have this issue on my iPhone. What's up with this? It has worked in the past just fine.

  • I have the same problem on my MacBook Pro running OS 10.13.6. Did you ever resolve your problem? How?

  • Any resolution to this problem? VPN worked one day and died the next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Receive “Error Code 9” every time I try to connect the VPN on iPhone iOS. iPad and MacBook work fine. iPhone was fine 3 days ago. Not using “web protection” at the same time so that shouldn’t be a problem. Any ideas?

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