Bitdefender Network OS Helper Process

Have found recently that after my desktop has been on for awhile the Bitdefender Network OS Helper Process starts hammering the resources of my computer rendering it too slow to use. Have to restart to temporarily fix. Have read on forums that support are not replying to people with same issue.
Have a long way to go with TS subscription and don't want to waste the money switching to another company, but am starting to get fed up..
Any fixes out there anyone knows about?


  • Yep, they know about it, but claim it's not the cause of the problem your having. Claiming instead some sort of settings are not right in your system.

    That claim is BS seeing as this process single handly uses up 100% of your network bandwidth and times out ALL connections while it's running.
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    Didn't know this product was a waste of time! just purchased it and detected - Bit defender Network OS Helper is downloading 1.9GB of things. No one, No article from Bit Defender! I loved the Free version. have personally recommended it to many. I will now start to monitor it and write a review on my blog about it - outlining the problems.

    No comment, Feedback from a representative from the first post!

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  • Same issue - cranking away on the CPU for hours on end. And interferes with browser page downnloads.

    Very frustrating.