Bitdefender Total Security 2021 slow UI

The Total Security interface sometimes reacts very slowly.

Settings are also simply turned on and off.

I'm talking about security settings. That just can't be!

Is that the same with you?

What is bdredline.exe?


  • mrmirakhur
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    Hi Member,

    Currently there are no issues with the interface working slowly. It all depends on the system specification the user has and the system requirements the product requires to run.

    bdredline.exe is an update file that comes as part of the BitDefender package.



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  • I reinstalled BD now.

    Seems to work now.

    Will observe this behavior.

    Thank you @Flexx

  • HI

    We uninstalled rebooted and reinstall latest BD in win 7 ,but system was dog slow ,,,

    (ya i know i know win 7 old OS) (runs VERY fast on Eset.)

    WE have i3570k with 1866 16gb ram , all drives SSD samsung evo 870

    when we tried Eset Security this got much much faster , as of sept 2021 Eset is very close to as efective as BD

    And 100% NO we are not going to try a fresh OS install or Win 10 upgrade.